Office furniture selection -- draw key points

Office furniture is the necessary supplies in the office, related to whether you can comfortably work, so in the purchase to consider from many aspects.

We can check the office furniture configuration list according to different function ranges. When choosing furniture suppliers, we should always follow the three principles and purchase reasonably, which can save the company a lot of money.

1, furniture list of public office area: desk, office chair

Public office area is the place where employees work, and office furniture mainly includes desks and office chairs. Generally speaking, working time is left and right sides in 8 hours, keep a posture for a long time, bring about all sorts of body occupational disease extremely easily, because this desk of choose and buy and office chair should accord with human body mechanics design above all, sit comfortably, it is to want height adjustable next, in order to get used to the crowd of different height.

Key points of choose and buy: the right height of the table and chair should be able to make people keep two "basic vertical" when sitting, one is when the feet are flat on the ground, thigh and calf can be vertical; But when the arms hang down naturally, the upper arm and the forearm are basically perpendicular. Only by satisfying these two "basic perpendicularity" can we ensure correct sitting and office posture. If the height of the table and chair collocation is ignored, it directly affects the sitting position of people, which is not conducive to the health of users. For this, the space below desk mesa is tall not less than 580mm, dimensional width is not less than 520mm.

Office furniture selection -- draw key points

2, leaders office furniture list: class table, leather chair, bookcase, storage cabinets, safe

The leader's office is an independent office area, the office desk will be relatively larger, one is to cope with the needs of more work, the other is more atmospheric, the office chair is mainly rotating multi-functional leather chair, of course, the leader's office will generally set up bookcases, lockers and so on to meet the needs of ordinary work.

Key points to choose and buy: Office big class desk is a large size desk of office furniture, generally about 1800mm long and 800mm wide.

When purchasing, see whether there is a gap in the welding place, anti-rust treatment, anti-theft mechanism and spare parts are in place; Office chair is better to leather, comfort is better, but also more air; Bookcase the best choice of solid wood material, natural wood color, more cultural heritage; The best storage cabinet and bookcase form a complete set to purchase, integrated, more atmospheric; The safe is used to store important working documents.

3, conference room furniture list: conference table, conference chair, display board

The conference room is a basic space equipped by the company. It is a place for regular work report, brainstorming and business negotiation. The office needs a conference table, conference chair, display board and so on. The conference table should be decided according to the number of people attending the meeting most of the time, too large or too small is not good, the conference chair is configured according to the corresponding number of the conference table, the display board can be more convenient to present the meeting content and better communication.

The choose and buy a place: meeting room should with concise give priority to, do not need to have too much decoration, general small studio can use round table, big companies have long shape or oval table can be used, generally give priority to with the table of 10 to 20 people, the size is 4.2 m * 1.4 m, so that relatively not too crowded, and be good at communication discussion. Conference chair to concise, soft and hard comfort to moderate.

4. Furniture list of reception room: sofa, tea table, display case

Reception room is the place where the company receives customers, showing the company's manners and qualities, so it is necessary to leave a good first impression on customers. Therefore, special attention should be paid to layout and furniture selection. This space should present a unified whole, comfortable sofa and tea table are indispensable, but also can put a display case, used to place the honors and awards, highlight the strength of the company.

Key points of choose and buy: the sofa of cortical more show noble and exalted, can let the customer feel to be taken seriously, tea table and sofa had better be form a complete set, convenient choose and buy show harmony again, in the choice of tonal, with black, brown department is given priority to, more show dignified attention, display cabinet had better choose solid wood material, more show atmosphere.

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