Decoration has always been a big thing, after all, not casually can become, the cost of time, money is not a small number, who does not want to make the house decoration perfect, can use more space to use more space. So before home decoration, we will think and think, ask and ask. Today, Xiaobian would like to tell you that some areas in home decoration do not pay attention to can save space for your reference.

Decoration does not pay attention to these places, you can save space!Corridor corridor end does not put to hang a picture, can do ark of a group of ultra thin domestic management directly, receive a few bits and pieces of small thing, for instance paper towel, towel and the toothbrush that had not used waits for daily things. Space is not wasted at all.

Corner of toilet sewer pipe, do not fill straight triangle. Put bath dew, shampoo, convenient and save space.

The bed end of the study can stick a wall to put, the head of a bed makes desk the head of a bed, below is pulled pull put big, there is oversized desktop again among, above does condole ark to increase receive again.

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