How can the home be installed more reasonable, save a space

Compared with the current urban movement is 10,000 to 20,000, the first-tier cities are 30,000 to go up in terms of housing prices, buying small apartment has basically become the first choice of ordinary office workers.

Therefore always can feel house area is too little, the place in the home is too narrow, a lot of things do not have a space to be able to put, it is you did not plan the decoration layout in the home actually, a lot of places did not have reasonable application, brought about waste another a few places so. The result is a lack of space in the home.

How can the home be installed more reasonable, save a space1. Is one square meter on the back wall of the toilet always empty? The toilet is dry and wet separation, the wash mirror is extended, and the area behind the toilet is applied. Does this double the storage capacity?

2, the area of kitchen cabinet corner is not what is not easy to put, make the corner cabinet into right Angle cabinet things to take, but also can increase the mesa area

3. Open cabinets are made below the upper kitchen ceiling cabinets, which can store all kinds of spices that are not often used at ordinary times and release the tension of the table space

4. If it is an "L" shaped kitchen, you can add a group of ultra-thin cabinets. Rice and noodles can be placed below, and small kitchen electricity, such as hot water bottles and other small objects, can be placed above. Does not occupy the hearth space.

5. One square meter of the bedroom bay window, if conditions allow, can knock off the bay window, and then do the corner table, one side is used to do the dresser, one side is used to do the desk, study, and the makeup table has.

6, the living room corner of a square meter, you can consider doing bookcase, and then do suspended stage, so you can put books into bookcase, the space is used.

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