How do you judge a good designer?

When we are in home decoration, we are often doing multiple choice questions at the beginning. Some people choose to find their own patterns, find their master, and design according to the style they want, while some friends choose to find local home decoration companies to customize the whole house, or half a pack. No matter what kind of choice, a good design is the key of home outfit for sure, choose to look for a good designer to consider, how to judge the stand or fall of stylist then?

How do you judge a good designer?A famous designer once said: design can neither be passive nor active, but interactive. So what is interaction? For example, the customer commissioned the design of his new home, we need to discuss the first stage of the home decoration requirements document, and 90% of friends when decorating the first reaction is what style I want to decorate, and then find a bunch of beautiful pictures.

But actually we should make clear design is to want style or want life after all first. The demand that builds oneself and family life habit, just be the first step that decorate, noticed, demand is not you need 4 bedrooms 3 wardrobes, however the scene that concrete arrives at your life habit.

For example, you like not to wear slippers to go to the bathroom, but also like to light a night lamp to sleep, so these habits, is the home of the decoration guide, so no matter what kind of designer, you only do sufficient preparation to screen suitable for your designer.

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