What color does sitting room sofa choose good-looking?

What color does sitting room sofa choose good-looking?Basic has been completely installed hard outfit, then is the soft outfit part of the play, so in the soft outfit is the most important is the sofa in the sitting room, especially for frequent guest area, the choice of sofa for both quality and color are all we need to consider carefully, so what color sitting room sofa to choose more appropriate?

Living room sofa some people think should choose jump color, so it seems to be more sudden bright spot, and xiaobian is more suggested that we choose cool color department, light color department. Because jump color although good-looking, but easy to outdated, do not look. Tie-in whole home outfit style just is the most appropriate.

And the color of the sofa had better not more than three, too many colors appear dirty, old. So had better match according to the color of curtain, floor and metope.

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