Decoration in the end to refer to the network map

Decoration in the end to refer to the network mapBefore decorating, you also have seen a lot of a lot of net chart, asked a lot of a lot of friends, all sorts of participation, but the final effect or poor? In fact, a large part of the reason is the lack of overall color collocation, because every time we see a picture is to feel a certain part of the beautiful, and then put together a piece of the east, west. The effect is not as good as the network map.

If recently very popular no master lamp design, want to install no master lamp in the home must understand that the floor cannot be installed bright, this will lead to the living room ceiling sparkling, the final effect does not reach my master lamp beautiful and generous that kind of feeling. So how should match after all we need to have basic color collocation knowledge.

If we do not know the color collocation at all, do not know how to decorate, and do not want to hire a designer, white must be the safest color, but also the most cost-effective color matching, low difficulty, large space for later operation, especially warm white wood flooring is a popular cream style series recently.

If you want home decoration color a little fuller words? We can choose some warm colors, in the living room can choose some warm bright colors, with a jump color. Mixed colors are suitable for the studio, creating a sense of fashion and art.

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