How to decorate a house

House decoration, need to control what aspects?

Key points to control.

1. Reduce the use of scrubbing stones, because of the damage to the environment, we try to be good citizens. In addition, the price of the stone is not cheap, can use other alternatives with other. Like the new process of stone imitation paint, spray paint can make the surface with stone effect, you can refer to the use.

2. Pay attention to dripping areas. Whether the inside is high and the outside is low, and whether the width of the drip tank is greater than 10mm. Of course, neat and straight is the most basic requirement.

How to decorate a house

3. If your house contains masonry. What is masonry structure and reinforced concrete structure, I will write a special article. If doors and Windows are installed on masonry, do not use shooting nails to fix.

4. We sometimes make lightweight partitions in our rooms. Should pay attention to its and ceiling and other wall junction to do crack prevention.

5. If you do the curtain wall, it is necessary to pay attention to the top-down installation of lightning protection, this money can not be saved. Of course, the lightning protection device should be connected with the lightning protection of the main structure of the building. Also pay attention to expansion joints and other cracks are closed.

6. The leveling layer of kitchen and toilet should use water-resistant putty. Pay attention to water resistance, because the kitchen, toilet water is very rich.

7. There are pasting projects, pay attention to, if it is a new project, spray alkali resistant sealing primer at the base before plastering.

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