How to design corridors with different layouts?

As the connecting zone of the space, corridor is almost every family has, by door model and design influence, the corridor of major door model is quite narrow and long and cramped, in front of the house price of inch of land gold, if this space is not used, the feeling is also very wasteful. Actually, we can transform through design, below the premise that does not affect daily pass, let corridor become more beautiful, gift its new function even.

The white wall corridor at the first glance will make people feel empty and monotonous. If the corridor space is small, we can decorate the wall and hang pictures in line with the family style to increase the artistic atmosphere.

If it is American, French style, you can also use gypsum line decoration, the use of geometric lines to bring three-dimensional and retro sense of space, so that the corridor is more hierarchical.

How to design corridors with different layouts?

02 Lighting corridor space is blocked by the wall, basically no lighting, so the lighting design here should also be done. We can use down light for local lighting, which has the effect of a small night light, allowing people to transition to other areas by light. Natural and soft lighting can also create a warm space atmosphere.

For a more interesting design, try light strips, which not only meet basic lighting needs, but also enhance the sense of coherence of the space and bring the facade to life. In addition, with the lamp belt outline the outline of an interesting geometric model, still can promote a sense of space design, reveal householder personality.

03 store content ark

To maximize the use of space, the best design is custom lockers. If the corridor transverse space is relatively rich, it can be embedded in the cabinet here, the hoarding of sundry, children's toys, household tools and other items are collected here, so that the home environment looks cleaner and atmospheric. If want to show a function, still can design ark body to be half open mode, put apart a few open case so as to put handicraft.

Speak of corridor ark body, the commonnest is porch ark. The space that enter a door of a lot of families is long and narrow corridor, arrive in a side custom-made top type ark body, middle is left empty, convenient take the door buy content, bottom is left empty, place the shoe that often wears.

To go to the lavatory daily life, still can be in porch place custom-made booth + whole body lens, change shoes need not again "do squat", still can arrange appearance before going out.

How to design corridors with different layouts?

04 reading area

If you have a lot of books in your home, use the walls of the hallway to create a reading area. Customized cabinet body receives books, not only can make the space cleaner, but also can add literary atmosphere.

Below the circumstance that dimensional condition allows, make order here a small desk, turn corridor directly "small study" also be right choice, such design does not apply to all door nevertheless model.

05 counters

If the corridor is next to the toilet, we can separate a small space in the corridor and separate the washroom from the toilet, so as to achieve a complete "dry and wet separation", which is not only more spacious to use, but also improve the efficiency of life.

If the washing platform will be moved, in the choice of washing platform, the best choice of wall hanging. Different from traditional be born ark, the volume of stage that wall hangs type wash gargle is small, look more lightsome, moistureproof performance is better also. And the suspension design can avoid health dead Angle, the ground cleaning is more convenient. If worry its bearing force is inferior to floor type cabinet body, can choose lens ark to share one part store content, the space also can appear neater.

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