Super practical decoration money saving tips, decoration budget can save 20%

Buying a house is very expensive nowadays, and the decoration is also beginning to be expensive! So when the owners decorate, they must do a good job in the decoration budget. So how can you save money on decoration? That is of course on the choose and buy that decorates advocate material. Today, xiaobian will share 11 super practical decoration money saving tips, can let your decoration budget save at least 20%!

1, wall brick, paint

In the ordinary life of the wall brick is not easy to knock against wear, so we can use a good brand in the special price. The special price in brand brick quality is excellent commonly, just likely design is not newest, but its price is cheap, the word that buys can save many money.

The choice of paint must pay attention to choose environmental protection formaldehyde-free, and then also use the brand price can be, painted out of the difference is not very big.

2, condole top

A lot of families decorate to get lofty go up, can choose the condole top of a few delicate patterns, but often these condole top is flashy without reality, especially for the house with not tall height, can appear depressive burdensome. So in coniferous top this, we can consider the PVC board that chooses cheap, PVC board weight is light, still can waterproof, moistureproof, moth-proof, the most important is its design and color and design are very much.

Choose PVC board, to choose no cracks and scratches. There is also a ceiling at ordinary times we do not contact much, so the choice of integrated ceiling will be more affordable!

Super practical decoration money saving tips, decoration budget can save 20%

3. Marble window sill

When a lot of owners are in the brick of windowsill of choose and buy wave window, the marble that can choose and buy imports. But in fact, marble stone quality is almost the same, there is no need to choose expensive imported stone, a lot of domestic marble stone can also do flat, smooth.

4, furniture

Buy furniture, a lot of people will give priority to buy solid wood, but actually really not necessary. Solid wood is expensive and difficult to take care of, and it does not accord with the living habits of modern people. More have very person, a few owners to pursue costly, can buy annatto or import furniture, want to know this kind of furniture, we are the most not easy to discern true and false, and the price is very high also. Therefore, when decorating, the small plow suggests that we buy a better plate can, not only save the budget, even if we move away will not be a pity.

5, lamps and lanterns

In the home outfit industry, lamps and lanterns is one part of very high profit, especially those crystal lamp, but a lot of owners like crystal lamp, want to know crystal lamp easy bad, easy ash, difficult to clean, the key is not good maintenance. If one or two inside are broken, the overall effect of the lamp is not good.

Actually in the home install absorb dome light the most practical, add a few cheap wall lamp, shoot lamp, LED lamp belt to wait again, can make rich illuminant same, of course, no matter buy which kinds of lamp, it is to want to pass safety attestability, after all safety is the first.

6. Door, move door

A lot of people like to buy real wood door, but those who need to notice is, real wood door is different as a result of raw material, price also can have very big difference. Inferior wait again pine, fir, wood of bud of middle grade again peach blossom core, flower beech, malan, rubber wood, high-grade wood of walnut, cherry, sha Bili, red pear, beautiful pear, everybody can buy according to his budget.

Kitchen, toilet, wardrobe suggest that we use the door, the door to choose good, first of all to see the guide rail, the quality of guide rail determines the service life of the door. But the lumber raw material of real wood door is different, the price also has very big difference, had better choose according to his budget so. The kitchen and toilet suggest to choose to move the door, so more convenient life.

Super practical decoration money saving tips, decoration budget can save 20%

7, sink

We suggest that you buy mid-range wool surface for the sink, no matter how good the smooth surface is, it is easy to scratch. As to the price, actually the price of cistern on market is about the same, it is ok to want not to weld on the table only, common cistern goes. But it is important to note that the launching components must be bought well, otherwise all kinds of problems such as blockage will occur.

8, ambry

Live longer kitchen groceries more, so in the choice of cabinets, we have to remember not expensive, but must be large space, layered.

9. Shower room

Toilet small word, do not consider shower room, the scale water on glass is soiled clean rise very troublesome. Stand simply a piece of toughened glass can realize dry wet partition, the price has shower room only 1/4.

10, the toilet

Good enamel is not easy to be corroded, water pieces can help you save water bills. General market about thousands of yuan is very good, the first choice has certain word-of-mouth second-line brands.

Wash basin, bathroom cabinet

The action of ark of washbasin, bathroom is wash one's hands and face, put protect skin to taste, want to choose design concise so only, convenient cleanness can. There's no need to buy expensive ones. They all do the same thing.

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