Which kind of lampblack machine is good, what advantage and disadvantage have each?

In order to create a healthier home environment, many owners will install a range hood in the kitchen. The kind of lampblack machine on market now is very much, their function also is each different. So what kind of range hood is good? Now common range hood machine has Chinese style range hood machine, Europe type range hood machine and side suction type range hood machine, I share with you below the advantages and disadvantages of their three.

1. The Chinese range hood is a common model on the market at present. Now the shallow suction range hood has been gradually eliminated. The biggest problem of deep suction lampblack machine is to occupy space, noise, easy to meet, drop oil lampblack smoking is not clean, short service life, cleaning is not convenient, big pollution to the environment.

Which kind of lampblack machine is good, what advantage and disadvantage have each?

2, now on the market is more like hot cakes European lampblack machine, this kind of lampblack machine is the use of multi-layer oil mesh filtering, increase the motor power of lampblack machine in order to achieve the best effect, the general power is above 300 watts. Features are: beautiful appearance, expensive, electricity consumption. Oil net cleaning is not convenient, easy to meet, drip oil.

3. In order to meet the needs of small kitchen use, the side suction range hood is introduced on the market. This kind of range hood uses aerodynamics and hydrodynamics design, and first uses the lampblack separation plate on the surface to separate the lampblack and then discharge clean air. The characteristic that side suction type takes lampblack machine is to take lampblack effect to take lampblack effect to be in 99% above. Do not drop oil do not meet, hidden in ambry and ambry be in harmony, do not occupy a space. Motor oil - free long service life, easy cleaning. Power savings are generally around 160 watts. Lampblack does not guarantee the health of housewives through breathing area. Discharge clean air does not pollute the environment. The above is about the range hood which type of good share, you can choose according to their actual needs, I hope to help you! Hope to adopt!

The variety of lampblack machine on market now is various, face commodity of full of beautiful things in eyes, let a person not know should choose and buy. So what kind of lampblack machine is good? According to the different working mode of the range hood, we can divide the range hood into two kinds of side suction and top suction, and the smoke exhaust performance has advantages and disadvantages. Now the new development of a very efficient double suction type range hood, equivalent to the side suction machine compound top suction machine, complementary advantages, greatly improve the smoke exhaust performance. We can see the double suction range hood as the following side suction machine, the top suction machine, and then the composite side plate. Side panel block flue gas to the left and right sides of the flight, and in front of the left and right sides suction merger, concentrated wind over the pot with local area form a super strong suction, it first by the capture off most of the flue gas side suction machine, if there are any residual, again by relay capture top suction machine, complementary and mutually reinforcing, exhaust performance far exceeds the single suction machine or side suction machine. Therefore, I suggest that you buy the double suction range hood, performance more excellent oh!

In fact, it is very difficult for us to absolutely say which type of lampblack machine is good, because every lampblack machine has advantages and disadvantages, you can choose the right lampblack machine according to the decoration style and budget in the home. If your home is European style, suggest you choose European lampblack machine; If your kitchen space is very small, it is recommended that you choose the side suction range hood. In a word, what suits you is the best.

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