The bedroom decorates the 5 big points that must take seriously

The bedroom is the place that we spend the longest time in the home, a good bedroom not only wants beautiful and comfortable, the most important is healthy. Did not know everybody had noticed of the bedroom decorate health? Let's take a look at the bedroom decoration must pay attention to which 5 big points.

TOP1: space

Normally, the bedroom is smaller, and the thing that should put is more also, often can appear the problem of crowded space so. To solve this problem, there are a few tips:

1, space layout as far as possible white, that is, the need to leave enough empty walls between the furniture.

2, all encountered smallpox cabinet, as far as possible on the wall with the door or standing in the doorway to look in the place that can not be seen.

3. The height of the cabinet that can be seen at the door should not exceed 2.2m.

4, put the decorations as small as possible. For example, decorative paintings can use some small ones.

Privacy ranked by:

The privacy characteristic of the bedroom is reflected in two parts:

The bedroom decorates the 5 big points that must take seriously


1, invisible privacy - this requires it to have more strict protection measures, including the tightness of the door and curtain. The material used by the door should be as thick as possible, not directly use 3mm or 5mm plate closed; If 5mm board is used, it is advisable to paste another layer of 3mm panel on the board. The lower part of the door should be kept 0.3-0.5cm above the ground. Curtains should be made of thick material; If it is a thin curtain, should add a layer of window screen layer. This is beneficial to enhance the privacy of the bedroom and reduce the interference of the light when sleeping.

2, can not listen to privacy - this requires that the bedroom has a certain sound insulation ability. Generally speaking, the partitions of the wall are enough now, but some owners based on the consideration of space, like to knock off the partition between the two houses, and then do a two-way or one-way wardrobe, this approach needs to pay attention to sound insulation.

TOP3: color

Of the bedroom decorate, as a result of living main body is different, match color is different also.

1. Master bedroom. Advocate week should give priority to with warmth, ground appropriate uses wooden floor. Do not rule out the use of a specific style of color matching in the case of both husband and wife.

2. Second bedroom. Should give priority to with warmth likewise, of second bedroom general old person lives, the action that should consider old person when decorating is convenient and be fond of.

3. Children's room. Appropriate uses a few more lively color. The most common color scheme is blues for boys' rooms and pink or yellow for girls' rooms. Also can use the wall paper that a few take cartoon animal or flower, plant design. Children room also can place a few toys more frame. Children room can use wood floor via, this is helpful for the child to touch climb and unapt catch cold. If there is no condition to set up wood floor, you can also use children's rubber mat, most of these rubber mat colorful, there are some puzzle patterns or letters.

4. Nanny room. Do not need to do too much decoration commonly, handle good wall, ground, top can.

TOP4: environmental protection

The bedroom is opposite at other space character, environmental protection is the problem that must carry more. The bedroom comes relatively close, 2 will put the furniture more also. We have mentioned the environmental protection of materials many times in other chapters. The material is important, but so is the ventilation. After the new bedroom is decorated, the medium should be well ventilated. In the meantime, the furniture that buys new also should open cupboard door and drawer so that breathe freely dissipate. Additional, bedchamber is unfavorable also put overmuch plant, overmuch flowers and plants plant collects Yin qi easily, and the plant absorbs oxygen in the evening, release carbon dioxide, affect the person's health easily so.

TOP5: lighting

The lighting requirements of the bedroom are not much, but it should be noted that the bedroom should not use downward shooting lamps and lanterns, and should be used to shine on the top of the light. However, if the top light is incandescent, it may cause a yellow image on the top of the lamp (which is baked).

This limitation can be avoided if the lighting fixture is not on the top but on the wall. But to household now character, those who use wall lamp is less and less, its advocate reason is the illume range of wall lamp is narrow, 2 it is design is relatively less.

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