Is it difficult to renovate and decorate second-hand houses? Is there anything special we should pay attention to?

Today's housing price is high, prices are so expensive, so the second-hand house is favored by more and more owners, so the second-hand house decoration has become a big topic of the decoration industry. Second-hand room decoration is actually more than the new house decoration need to pay attention to, so before the decoration, must first do enough homework, know what the old room in the process of new look need to pay attention to.

1. Find the right decoration company. Because a lot of second-hand houses are now old apartments, old rooms, small rooms, so the renovation of the change is very big. So the second-hand room decoration is more professional, more requirements, we must do our homework when choosing the decoration company, do more comparison.

2. Demolition and cleaning. Because the second-hand room decoration is generally two decoration, so the primary work is to dismantle cleaning work, including "demolition of old doors and Windows, shovel off the original wall, knock off the original ceramic tile and the ground and so on.

Is it difficult to renovate and decorate second-hand houses? Is there anything special we should pay attention to?

3. Water and electricity renovation. After the completion of the demolition work, the next is the second-hand house decoration focus - water and electricity transformation. As a result of old room the electric wire that uses originally not only aging, still may exist capacitance does not suit present home appliance demand, conduit also is same, basically water and electricity should be laid afire so.

4, wall and floor tile laying. Wait for water and electricity to complete and accept qualified after the laid job that can undertake wall floor tile, spread the wall tile of toilet, kitchen or balcony first commonly, be in next it is floor tile, this is because lay the floor tile first in lay the wall brick may cause damage to wall brick at the same time clean work is very troublesome also.

5, metope treatment. After ceramic tile is spread, can wait for metope processing to bedroom, sitting room and dining-room, include leveling, repair crack, blow be bored with child to wait, brush emultii paint most next. It is also possible to measure cabinets and ceilings.

6. Installation. After brushing the wall paint, or when brushing the last finish paint, you can install the door and pass. The production time of the door generally takes about 15 days, so according to this time, go to decide in advance, and finally install lights, panels, sanitary ware, etc. Because the secondary compared to the bridal chamber, are more different of second-hand housing decoration is the same, the above is my summary of second-hand housing renovation need attention, also reminds is secondhand the room metope, ground, ceiling, the transformation is the most easy to be ignored, the old house is usually a hydrophilic gypsum putty, class to rooting out after the switch to water resistant putty. Well, here is the introduction, I hope my answer to help you oh.

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