Decorate expensive? Four factors that affect home decoration quotation

Homeowners are very concerned about the price of decoration, now different decoration companies provide home decoration quotation is also different, and because of the difference in decoration style and other factors, these will affect the home decoration quotation, so we know why there will be different home decoration quotation? If you are not clear, you might as well follow xiaobian to understand it.

First, different decoration companies affect home decoration quotation

The influence of the decoration company on the home decoration quotation is mainly because of different marketing methods, such as media advertising, TV advertising, the cost of the customer is different, so the decoration price is different. When we choose the decoration company, we mainly look at the strength.

Two, the overall design style, complexity affect the home decoration quotation

Domestic outfit offer actually and you home decorate a style, and overall modelling have the very big relations, like a river’s lake cuisine and eat, we eat the price difference is a truth, so small make up recommend that you first need to confirm what they want, what are the requirements for a house, you what is the overall budget for a new home, these should be clear in advance, As to other words, you can give professional designers to design.

Decorate expensive? Four factors that affect home decoration quotationThree, the process, materials affect the decoration price

Craft and material also can affect its decorate price, the feeling that different material quality brings to a person is not the same, good material quality price is higher also.

Four, the lack of top-level logic, the bottom thinking will affect the overall decoration price

Many people will be surprised, decorate a house how still involve top-level thinking, bottom thinking? Make so complicated, small make up want to give you here to analyze, what is the top thinking, the bottom thinking.

1. Top-level logic

Decorate the top logic could be understood as to a whole new capital investment, simple point said are you ready to spend how many money to decorate your home in the heart, you are tend to like brand of material products, and pay more attention to practical and cost-effective products, after all, all ideals are need money and time to realize, So this need is about to decorate the friend to consider the problem.

2. Bottom line thinking

This is the implementation of the link, but also an important step to turn the ideal into reality, is inseparable from the designer responsible for the overall control, all decoration materials, mobile furniture, soft decoration plan should be subject to the table, feasible list, and strictly follow the table when choosing, this is the so-called bottom thinking.

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