Is bridal chamber decorated to buy model room directly?

Is bridal chamber decorated to buy model room directly?

After we finished looking at the model room decoration and ordinary family decoration, I think when buying a house, I also know how to make a choice between the model room and ordinary room. But in view of some partners are more stubborn, determined to buy a model house, then xiaobian had to emphasize why not buy a model house. So, the following small make up: new house decoration directly buy model room? Do a suggestion analysis of the problem, and talk about the pitfalls of the renovation budget.

Is bridal chamber decorated to buy model room directly?Reason No. 1 -- The layout may not fit

Although the model home has been decorated, be aware that some of the design inside is not what you need. Let's take an example: a two-bedroom model home usually has a study vacant, whereas a normal family buys a two-bedroom to keep a separate bedroom for the child. If you buy a model house and spend extra money to transform it, why not directly buy a blank room, choose your own decoration style, and the price is cheap. Doesn't it smell better than a model house?

Reason 2 -- The difference in decoration

Of common family decorate a style, with concise, receive for mainstream, sundry of every family can be more, can be inclined to receive a respect on the design, store content ark and secret case are relatively more, open mode design is less, show a respect to want to compare model room conservative a lot of.

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