Is it necessary to bury the network cable now?

Is it necessary to bury the network cable now?

If you're concerned about home Internet speed and whole-house Wi-Fi coverage, I suggest you read through this article, as many designers don't necessarily know much about Wi-Fi.

Once, when I was on a wechat voice call with a friend, the voice sounded broken. She said she was using the Wi-Fi at home, so the signal should not be so bad. I asked if the person was in the room and the router was in the living room. She said yes. I asked if the router was in the weak box. She said yes. That's why.

Many families have only one router in the whole house, and it is placed in a weak current box for aesthetic purposes. The Wi-Fi signal on your phone, though full, can actually be very slow.

If you have a bit of network speed requirements, do not install this, especially the router do not put weak box. This article will talk about the various ways to implement whole-house Wi-Fi, and if you feel a little dizzy in the middle, you can just scroll down to the bottom to see the summary.

Is it necessary to bury the network cable now?Cupboard door and wall affect network speed very much

Q: Do doors and walls have a big impact on Wi-Fi?
A: It's bigger than you think. I checked the data on the Internet, and the 2.4g band is as follows:
Through wooden boards, wooden doors, glass and so on about 1/2 signal left; After passing through the brick wall, the signal is about 1/30; After passing through the 25cm load-bearing wall, it's about 1/1000; 1/10,000 after getting through a metal barrier like an elevator.

This is the approximate theoretical value, and it will be a little complicated in real life, but you can understand the meaning, that is, the wall of Wi-Fi signal blocking is quite strong, so the router in the middle of the house is relatively better. The router had better not put in the weak current box, especially the weak current box cover is generally metal, relatively large impact on the signal.

Which is better, 2.4g or 5G?

Q: Which is better, 2.4g or 5G Wi-Fi?

A: This is about frequency bands, and it has nothing to do with the concept of 5G (fifth generation mobile communication technology) in 5G phones. Currently, most routers on the market are dual-band, that is, both 2.4g and 5G bands. Just remember one conclusion: 2.4g is slow, but good at penetrating walls; 5G is fast, but weak through walls.

Most routers can now set up a dual-band combination, which basically means that the phone automatically selects which frequency to use, or you can split it and manually select the 2.4GB Wi-Fi signal or 5G Wi-Fi signal in the phone's Settings. Sometimes you come across smart appliances that are "not so smart" and can only connect to 2.4 gigabytes of Wi-Fi, so you have to separate the Wi-Fi signal.

The most expensive and best solution

In fact, each family's network demand and housing conditions are not the same, if the requirements are not too high, the housing area is not large, on the mobile phone brush wechat, buy a better router as far as possible in the middle of the house, less occlusion is enough.

If you have high requirements for network speed, then it is best to decorate the time in every room and space are good network cable, such as the toilet is also very important (if you go to the toilet do not take a mobile phone that when I did not say), I personally feel that the network cable with a six or more than six about the same.


1, about 100 square house, buy a good router can basically meet, but the router had better not put in the cabinet, weak box, as far as possible to reduce the block;

2. For large houses, especially those with many walls, I suggest using multiple Mesh routers for networking if you want to simplify the technology.
The important thing is to do what one can according to one's needs. For most families who only need to watch short videos on their phones, a good router is enough.

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