How to do home furnishing soft decoration

How to do home furnishing soft decoration(1) Choose soft decorations according to the style. Home soft decoration design do not choose soft decorations first, and to determine the decoration style to choose soft decorations. For instance you decided to decorate the home Europe type style, so the soft adornment that goes choosing Europe type next went.

(2) Keep balance in the room and don’t forget to pile up too many things in the room. If you want to look good in soft outfit design, you must take the proportion. That is, the proportion of each part should be coordinated, not blindly piled up. Want to uphold little is much thought, maintain indoor integral balance, such ability soft outfit is done.

(3) Choose the right furniture. Furniture belongs to the large soft decoration, the effect of interior decoration is very meditation. Too small or too large furniture will make indoor loss of balance, so the purchase of soft furniture must pay attention to the size of furniture.

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