How to choose kitchen tiles

The kitchen is a damp, smoky special space, so special attention should be paid to the selection of materials in the decoration, especially the purchase of kitchen tiles. If the choice is improper, it will cause a lot of unnecessary trouble. Then, how to choose kitchen tiles? Next xiaobian will give you the analysis of the method of choose and buy kitchen tiles.

How to choose kitchen tiles?

1, ceramic tile material selection

Kitchen ceramic tile has a variety of material to pledge, cent is glazed brick, full body brick, polishing brick, bo changes brick, Mosaic to wait for a few big categories. In the space with a few bigger areas such as the kitchen, what metope ceramic tile first selection is smooth or dumb glazed tile, clean rise is very convenient, still can make “fashionable” the effect. Ground ceramic tile pledges material had better choose inferior smooth face to prevent slippery floor tile namely, let the ground cross slippery in order to prevent the soup soup water of the kitchen, carelessly cause safe problem.

How to choose kitchen tiles2, ceramic tile color selection

General kitchen space is smaller, the window has the door to still have ambry, net area is smaller, in order to avoid waste and maintain the harmony of the space, ought to choose the ceramic tile with small specifications, the waste that such shop sticks will be very few, avoided the a lot of inconvenience that the construction such as large specification ceramic tile cuts brings. The colour of ceramic tile ought to be given priority to with light color and cool color attune, wait for colour and lustre such as white, light green, light gray for example. Light color attune can sense a space to make a person is expanding outspread, avoided dark tonal make the person feels cramped and depressive in narrow space.

3, judge the advantages and disadvantages of ceramic tile

The characteristics of appearance defects usually have size error, geometric size standard is the key to judge the pros and cons of ceramic tile, with a tape measure of the diagonal and quadrilateral size of the brick surface and whether the thickness is uniform can be judged; Color difference, randomly open the box to check a few pieces, put together one by one comparison, generally have subtle differences is normal, if it is very obvious there is a problem, but different production batch number of ceramic tiles also have color difference, when buying the best quantity to buy enough, otherwise it is difficult to match the color; Attention must be paid to the presence of cracks, cracks in the underglaze, uneven surface, glaze layer although bright, but glaze layer or glaze layer inclusion; Spots, isolated variations in glaze color, trauma, broken or deep cracks, uneven edges and corners.

4, ceramic tile detection standards

Take out a piece of brick and align the two with the smallest gap in the middle. If design ceramic tile must use 4 ability to piece together gives a complete design to come, still should value the design of brick whether join clearly. Take out a box ceramic tile all next, make the same level is placed on a big flat face, see whole result from slightly far place, no matter white, other color or design, answer colour and lustre is consistent, if have individual ceramic tile depth differ, such meeting is very ugly, affect whole adornment effect. The ceramic tile is a get a stand up, compare the size of the ceramic tile is uniform, allow small brick deviation in the plus or minus 1 mm, big brick allows in plus or minus 2 mm, the last is to take a piece of brick to knock on another, or with other hard objects to knock on a brick, if bricky sound is ringing, loud and clear, show the good quality of brick and it’s cooked, if abnormal voice brick with double skin or crack phenomenon. Heavy skin is when brick is formed, the air in mastow is not discharged, cause the union between mastow and mastow is bad, inside crack does not come out from the surface, listen to sound ability to identify only.

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