Houses are built this way. First collocation technique

Houses are built this way. First collocation technique

Today's article would like to chat with you, not pleasing dark really not suitable for small apartment model?

Small family model also needs dark color to make home more dignitary

Small family is bound together with white all along, in all fairness, white won't go wrong basically, the collocation of furniture is very simple also.

But cookie-cutter style accomplishes to let a room give prize very hard, style also hard to avoid some of be weak. Turn over the beautiful picture of household bo advocate, can discover, let a person shine at the moment in the home, not be the white that pass through, however of different colour mix build.

White wall, is the hope that home can be diversified, rather than like assembly line production. Accordingly, one side brunet metope can build intense contrast effect, can highlight the natural material that furniture pledges and color more, let a space more exquisite have simple sense.

Houses are built this way. First collocation techniqueTake Japanese photos for example, the picture often presents a transparent and clean feeling, do you think it is just a simple increase in the brightness of the picture? Actually actual operation rises, want to lift above all bright picture, even brunet place is pressed black, just because had this brunet foil, ability gives such effect, the need inside the room is brunet also because of this reason.

We always say that white appears bright, so that the space is larger, the dark layout is good, can also achieve "space magnification". For example, all sketches use black and white to create a shadow effect, reflecting the hierarchical sense of objects; Still have draw eyeliner, deepen to eye socket, eye end, carry bright in the middle, rise to magnify the effect of double eyes. Change household environment to decorate in, local brunet, also can let the home have administrative levels feeling more. For instance corridor arrives shallow transition by deep, have visual outspread feeling very much. Bring emotional value The same color brings different feelings to people.

Deep blue, some people look will feel very quiet, there is a sense of security; Others have depressive emotions (abyssal phobia!). Compared with light and bright colors, dark colors most of the time give people a sense of calm and quiet.

French is more typical, green, red, pink, blue, but these dark color is inclined to low saturation retro color, the overall vision is more elegant, more classical aesthetic feeling. So for some people, dark Spaces may be more valuable for soothing inner emotions.

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