How to design porch, ability does not offend geomantic taboo

How to design porch, ability does not offend geomantic taboo

"Porch" point to screen, big adornment much in ancient time. The origin of the word is also interesting. In geomantic learn to go up, porch is having dissolve the action of evil spirit outside the house. Our Chinese pays attention to implicative, begin porch is used to keep out privacy namely. Use bai Juyi pipa line to describe, that porch is having "still hold pipa half cover face" mysterious feeling.

Nowadays, people is the geomantic that takes household seriously very much, and our porch, it is to appear as an important role more, porch geomantic nature, can not ignore. Generally speaking, take the door can see porch, it greatly affected the layout of integral space experience feeling.

So, how should design porch, ability does not offend geomantic taboo, still can use limited space effectively, at the same time atmosphere of two or more attention is beautiful? Next, xiaobian intimate for the owners of friends ready to decorate dry goods: good feng shui porch, home Fu Wang wealth. Quickly circle key review, to talk about the details of feng shui control decoration. Need suggestions forward favorites, I hope this share is helpful to you.

The porch on tradition, ark of a shoe is made in porch place namely, should take the door after all must squat next change shoe, this is just need. Porch is the residence solves the important place of evil spirit outside, can not delay, so at this time you need to choose a good stylist, and the regular that depends on reliable decorate a company.

How to design porch, ability does not offend geomantic tabooHere's a look at the taboo of geomantic omen with xiaobian:

Detail 1. Plant part

A lot of people like to put some of hua Caocao in porch, so, porch place puts the plant, avoid takes thorn, take horn. For example, prickly plants such as cactus, rose and rhododendron. Don't put it in your porch.

Because in feng shui, that sharp things destroy house transport, but also not safe and easy to hurt hands. Remember to replace plants as soon as they become old and yellow.

Detail two, lighting part

Just say that finish a plant, actually the lamplight of porch, also be very important. Geomantic learn to think on: lamplight is bright and dark, adumbrative: financial fortune, suggest porch light does not want too bright, but also do not want too dark. Because if it's too bright, you feel uncomfortable when you walk in the door. On the other hand, if it's too dark, you can't see clearly and you'll fall over.

Geomantic study thinks: can recruit Yin spirit, let luck become bad. What? I'd rather believe in this stuff. Pay attention.

Detail 3, household part

I'm not the only one who woke up in the middle of the night and got scared by the mirror... Porch sets a mirror, can say is geomantic avoid. Because mirror reflection, according to feng Shui, good luck at the door will disappear because of mirror reflection. Do not accord with porch change evil spirit, accept gas. Money's gone. It's not gonna work.

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