Home move tips let you move easily

Move tips 1: save moving costs

To save moving costs will have to find a regular moving company, do not find street stickers small advertising moving company, so as not to be black. You can consult 2 ~ 3 in advance, choose a good moving company with a certain popularity or reputation. Secondly, we should prepare for the work so as not to waste time or money because of our own reasons.

Move tips 2: save moving time

Save moving time to be fully prepared, you have to put some pieces in advance to tidy up, and then you can ask the moving company to arrange some hands as much as possible, and is not to choose the peak traffic, reasonable arrangement of time stagger traffic peak route.

Move tip 3: goods packaging

(1) Items that are not commonly used should be packed and encased first.

(2) It is better to tidy up one room at a time, so that it is convenient to classify and pack items and not easy to leave out.

(3) Plates: newspapers, bubble cloth and other items between plates, so as not to break in the process of handling, pay attention to stand in the box.

Home move tips let you move easily(4) Kitchen knife: thick paper can be made into a sheath, wrapped with tape, pay attention to the hilt should be exposed, let people know that it is a knife is safer. Another reason to wrap your knife in thick paper is to avoid cutting other items with a sharp blade.

(5) Bottles: put them into the original packaging box first and then into the box. If they are loose, put some fillers into them and fix them. Put the box together with the carton, can be packed with other items.

(6) Items should be packed into the big box without gaps. If there are any, be sure to fill the box with newspapers and seat buffers, otherwise items will move and cause damage.

(7) Pets, goldfish and other living objects, currency, gems and other valuables should not be packed into the box, to carry.

(8) After packing, don’t forget to mark the name of the item and the room number of the new house on the outside of the carton.

Move tips 4: worry about moving

Do not want to pack goods, avoid fanfare to move trival, the best way is to sell all old furniture and unnecessary daily supplies, in a new home to buy a furniture. Although practice is a little extravagant, but can give you a kind of brand-new experience, feel oneself moved home to change environment truly, also can decorate oneself home afresh according to oneself idea.

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