Why does the bathroom smell?

Why does the bathroom smell?

First, why can the toilet taste?

1, the hygienic dead Angle: some nooks of the toilet, such as the gap below the bathroom ark and ground, the gap at the back of the toilet, etc., these health dead Angle is not easy to clean, at the same time, it is easy to ignore in the daily cleaning, coupled with the wet moist, in the corner of other sundry bacteria, dander, hair a stink.

2, the water smell: toilet water system, which includes the wash basin water, floor drain, toilet, washing machine water and so on these water system installation is not in place, unreasonable, resulting in sewage odor back to the toilet!

3, the exhaust vent odor backflow: there will be a check valve where the exhaust pipe and the main pipe are connected. Under normal circumstances, when you open the exhaust fan, the wind will blow the blade of the check valve to open and discharge indoor gas; When the exhaust fan is turned off, the blades of the check valve are closed to form a seal. But if a check valve is not installed, or if the check valve fails and the blade does not close, then gas from someone else's home in the pipeline may float into your home. In addition, when decorating, it is possible to remove part of the air duct. In fact, the design of the air duct itself has a certain anti-inverse, although it has little effect, it is also useful, and it is best not to dismantle and change.

Why does the bathroom smell?4, floor tile empty drum water supply: in the bathroom floor tile, due to the construction is not in place, after the cement below the tile is dry, there is a large gap between the cement layer and the tile, with hard percussion "empty" sound, known as "empty drum". When taking a bath, water can flow into the hollow drum of ceramic tile and cement layer along the gap, and cement layer below is waterproof layer, so the water in empty drum evaporates very hard, time grows to meet metamorphism, smelly.

Second, how to deal with toilet smell?

To deal with toilet odor, we must first know, the source of toilet odor, today xiaobian teach you steps to govern toilet odor!

The first step: First check the toilet, toilet is commonly used now glass glue to seal, can close to smell, if you have bad smell, that from the stink of sewage discharge, is very special, is not easy to confuse), can use the glass glue play a circle, in the following block, and the toilet water seal, if there is bad smell, illustrate the toilet water seal is broken, That's when you have to replace the toilet.

The second step: floor drain, must be installed on the deodorant floor drain, close to ask, if there is a continuous smell, then the floor drain is not deodorant, for a new one is good, online to buy a core is easy to replace, if there is no taste can be excluded, there is no floor drain at home to block it with sandbags.

The 3rd step: wash gargle stage, the conduit that development business installs normally has water seal, but also not necessarily, be about to notice at this time. When general master installs wash gargle stage, there is water seal in the inferior conduit of your home by default, such he can extend the water directly to go in tube. If you have a persistent sour smell in the bathroom, it's probably due to the lack of water seal. If you smell a persistent smell in the bathroom, it's easy to fix. Bend the pipe that runs down the drain and seal it.

Step 4: fan and air duct, general developers when making a room will install the check valve in the wind crossing the one-way valve, gas can only flow in pipe by the toilet, can't return, if not installed, you when install the fan must be installed in the home, also for a dozens of dollars, and fan to install good, often take a breath.

The 5th step: knock toilet ceramic tile one by one with the key, listen to sound whether appear empty drum, according to standard, the area that each ceramic tile appears empty drum must not exceed 5%, actually, want to be able to hear the ceramic tile that gives empty drum only, empty drum area is more than 20%, must be stuck again!

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