Toilet what design cannot follow the wind at random?

About the decoration, once someone said such a word: "excellent decoration, each has its own excellent. Tread pit decoration, often more similar ". Decorate this matter, want to compare high and low in the respect such as style, good-looking and individual character, be really very not easy. It is even unrealistic. After all, everyone's aesthetic is different.

Only, want to say to decorate trample pit this topic, not only have a series of comparability, still have a lot of common ground. For example, when decorating the bathroom, forgetting to do the close-water test, or installing air heaters over the shower are examples of wrong examples.

Decorate, it is a very complex knowledge. For most people, it is to decorate a small white. Also because of such, when do not know how to decorate, like to come to the home such as neighbor right give up, relative friend stroll stroll, of absorb others home decorate elite, copy directly even copy. However, some renovations can be moved directly to the home. Some decoration, willful copy or random follow the wind, will only give the home "more jam".

Toilet what design cannot follow the wind at random?As the home's washing, toilet and shower centre, the toilet is also a copy-and-paste focus area. Toilet what design cannot follow the wind at random? Take the niches. Niche, dig a concave in the metope to receive space. Since you want to dig holes in the wall, you have to ensure that the wall is not a load-bearing wall. Load-bearing wall is not allowed to be demolished and transformed at will.

Toilet niche, in the wall thickness, there are certain requirements, the proposal is greater than 25 cm. If the toilet wall does not meet the non-load-bearing wall + wall thickness is greater than 25 cm, do not let others to create niche storage. What be worth mentioning is, the principle that ark of toilet lens receives, also follow niche similar. Just, lens ark is outside convex model. Whether to make lens ark, also want to see the size of place space.

The design that cannot follow wind at random about toilet, Mosaic ceramic tile also is one of. Look like net red wind full Mosaic ceramic tile, actually the problem is heavy. Especially the groove modelling brings sanitary dead Angle, who uses who suffer. It is worth mentioning that toilet toilet wall row can not follow the wind at random. Toilet wall row should install cistern, also have requirement to toilet area.

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