Discover the Efficiency of Brushless Power: The LTD03 Wheel Drive with Permanent Magnet Motor

Experience the next level of motion control with the LTD03 Wheel Drive, featuring a high-efficiency permanent magnet brushless motor for superior torque, precision, and energy savings in a wide range of applications.


When considering the core of any modern automated vehicle system, the motor and its controller are fundamental. The LTD03 presents a leap forward in wheel drive technology, pairing a permanent magnet brushless motor with a state-of-the-art controller designed to deliver unmatched precision and durability.

Product Overview

The LTD03 is a powerful combination of compact design and high-efficiency output. Brushless motors are well-known for their long operational life and low maintenance, and when coupled with a permanent magnet, the efficiency soars to new heights. The wheel drive is engineered for responsive control, making it an ideal solution for applications requiring reliability and consistent performance.


Specification Detail
Motor Type Permanent Magnet Brushless
Rated Power 2 kW
Operating Voltage 48V DC
Peak Torque 10 Nm
Speed Range 0-200 rpm adjustable
Controller Compatibility Custom-designed for optimal performance
Protection Class IP65 - Dust tight and water-resistant

Key Advantages

  • High Torque Output: With its permanent magnet foundation, the LTD03 provides a robust torque that ensures smooth acceleration and deceleration.
  • Energy Efficiency: Brushless motors inherently require less energy, translating to lower operational costs.
  • Reduced Maintenance: The brushless nature of the motor eliminates the need for frequent servicing.
  • Versatility: Suitable for a diverse array of applications, from industrial material handling to personal mobility devices.

Design and Performance Superiority

The integration of the LTD03's motor with its specialized controller results in superior performance. The controller's precise current modulation ensures the longevity of the motor by preventing overloading and overheating. Additionally, the compact design allows for flexible installation in tight spaces, a common requirement in intricate machinery. This wheel drive is not just a component; it's a reliable workhorse crafted to propel your technology forward.


The versatility of the LTD03 makes it perfect for a broad range of industries:

  • Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) benefit from the precise speed control.
  • Personal mobility devices appreciate the smooth operation and quiet performance.
  • Robotics and machinery leverage the high torque for intricate tasks.

To enhance its offering, Rotontek's LTD03 comes with dedicated support and integration assistance, ensuring that your transition to brushless efficiency is as smooth as the operation of the wheel drive itself. Choose a solution that not only meets the demands of today but propels you into the future of motion control.


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