400W Electric Transaxles for Optimal Drive Efficiency


The 400W Electric Transaxle is a cutting-edge integrated unit combining transmission and axle, designed for superior efficiency in electric mobility applications. It ensures seamless power transfer with minimal energy loss, making it ideal for diverse electric vehicles and machinery.


In the modern age of electric mobility, efficiency is of paramount importance. Rotontek's newest release, the 400W Electric Transaxle, epitomizes this focus, pushing the boundaries of design and engineering to provide users with a product that guarantees maximum power, seamless operation, and optimum efficiency.


Rotontek's 400W Electric Transaxle has been meticulously designed to cater to a wide range of electric mobility applications. A transaxle, in essence, is a single integrated unit that combines both the transmission and the axle for driving a wheel. The innovative design and technology behind this transaxle make it stand out, ensuring that power transfer from the electric motor to the wheels is achieved with minimal energy loss.


Feature Specification
Rated Power 400 Watts
Input Voltage 24V DC
Maximum Torque 50 Nm
Efficiency >95%
Operating Temperature -20°C to 60°C
Noise Level < 50 dB
Weight 5kg
Mounting Type Horizontal/Vertical
Lifespan >10,000 hours


Rotontek has always prioritized the design to ensure durability, efficiency, and ease of use.

  • Compactness: The transaxle’s compact design ensures that it can be easily integrated into a variety of electric vehicles without occupying excessive space.
  • Cooling System: A built-in cooling system guarantees that the transaxle operates within optimal temperature ranges, thereby prolonging its life and maintaining consistent performance.
  • Sealed Unit: Designed to be water and dust resistant, it can be used in various environments without the risk of damage or degradation.

400W Electric Transaxles for Optimal Drive Efficiency


  • High Efficiency: With an efficiency of over 95%, the 400W transaxle ensures minimal energy loss during power transfer.
  • Durability: Manufactured with high-quality materials and rigorous testing, the transaxle guarantees a lifespan of over 10,000 hours.
  • Low Noise Operation: At less than 50 dB, this transaxle promises a quiet operation, enhancing user comfort.
  • Easy Integration: Given its adaptable design, integrating this transaxle into your mobility solution is a breeze.


Rotontek's 400W Electric Transaxle is versatile and can be applied in a multitude of scenarios:

  1. Electric Wheelchairs: Provides smooth and efficient mobility for users.
  2. E-Bikes: Augments the power output, ensuring riders have a smooth and enjoyable journey.
  3. Robotic Platforms: Ensures precise movement and control.
  4. Small Electric Vehicles: From golf carts to personal transporters, this transaxle provides the necessary torque and power.
  5. Agricultural Machinery: For small-scale machinery, this transaxle offers both power and efficiency.

Rotontek’s commitment to quality and excellence is evident in this product. Whether you're a manufacturer seeking to integrate the transaxle into your designs or an end-user looking for efficient power transfer solutions, the 400W Electric Transaxle is the answer. It stands as a testament to Rotontek’s expertise and innovation in the field of electric mobility.


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