What is the easiest position to get pregnant? Take stock of common sexual positions

Mammary upper pose

This is the preserve of human beings. Even a Western scientist has discussed that great apes frequently evolved into upright humans because it was useful for negative communication. In fact, this is not without merit. This general way of having sex tends to be popular because it does have numerous advantages.

First of all, it is excellent for communication between immediate family members. Communication between immediate family members is crucial to your sex life. The opposite approach is clearly more conducive to the immediate family to grasp each other's experience than the opposite approach;

​second, it allows for higher indivisible physical contact. Women's sexy areas (i.e. extremely exciting locations) are areas where the mucous membranes of the skin are more concentrated. For example: vulva, nipples, mouth, etc. Choose this way of making love. In addition to the sexual organs can touch each other, mouth, nipples can also be close contact. Sexual arousal is multi-directional.

Third, it helps to compress the ischial tuberosity. The ischium tuberosity is a strong position on the abdomen in women and a highly distinct sensation in men. In fact, it's also a sexy and glamorous Big Breast area. Pressing firmly on this position can lead to sustained happiness for women. Note that choosing alternative sexual positions will not achieve this practical effect.

Having sex this way has an average chance of getting pregnant. In practice, men have a positive influence, but women can also obey men's postures. Only when both sides give full play to their subjective initiative can they easily reach the top point. Men use energy from the waist and abdomen to work difficult. A man can bend one leg; ​hands can be placed on a woman's shoulders. If a man is resting overly often, he needs to lie on the bed with his hands propped up to prevent his total net weight from falling on the woman and causing her roommate.

This kind of sex is easier for women and can be felt gradually; ​you can also go on the offensive. Orgasms are temporary, can stretch out the butt a bit, and are conducive to tough work. But pay attention to the rhythmic harmony.

As a couple, the harmony of married life is extremely vital. Different sexual attitudes can help couples have sex, but also can make the couple's life more harmonious, promoting the emotion between the couple.

Women feel warm, relaxed and safe when they are firmly surrounded by the soft bed and the strong body of a man.

Characteristics: Women have difficulty being active, and the opportunity for immediate stimulation of Yin Emperor is reduced.

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