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  1. southwest jewelry findings wholesale PSG is an English abbreviation for multiple sleep monitoring.
    D multi -guide sleep monitoring (, PSG) is the most important test of sleeping snoring (sleep apnea low ventilation syndrome, OSAHS).
    Thenight through continuous respiratory respiratory, arterial blood oxygen saturation, electrocardiogram, electrocardiogram, heart rate and other indicators, you can understand whether the snoring person has the number of breathing, the number of suspension, the time of suspension, the minimum arteries at the time of suspension occurred, The degree of blood oxygen value and the impact on physical health are internationally recognized the gold standard for diagnosis of sleep apnea low ventilation syndrome.
    clinical significance
    Bet according to the results of multi -guided sleep monitoring, it can not only diagnose sleep respiratory suspension of low ventilation syndrome, but also make judgments on its severity, which is convenient for formulating clinical treatment plans and quantitative evaluation surgery or other treatment effect. Therefore, the low ventilation syndrome for snoring and sleep apnea should be performed before taking any treatment measures.
    The best way to diagnose sleeping and breathing syndrome is to monitor sleep. This is a nighttime test conducted in a specific sleep center. A variety of monitors are used to measure various physiological signals when sleeping. Essence

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