22kt gold jewelry wholesale Hong Kong stocks enter the gold? How do I get a gold coin?

22kt gold jewelry wholesale

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  1. wholesale platinum drusy sterling jewelry usa Methods of Hong Kong stocks with RMB:
    1, Bank of China RMB exchange US dollars to Huamei Bank;
    2, Huamei Bank's deposit to Futu Niu Niu US stock account;
    3, Futu US stock account exchange to Hong Kong dollar to Hong Kong dollar Go to Hong Kong stock account.

    The supplementary information:
    This Taking Futu Hong Kong stocks as an example:
    Puki Hong Kong shares to enter the four -step specific process operation: (take Apple mobile phone 10 as an example, based on iOS 14.8. 1 Operating system)
    . Open Huamei Bank;
    (1) Huamei Bank's opening steps:
    1, download velo Huamei Bank;
    2, register through the second step to register Huamei Bank.
    (1) Download velo app (download do not open login, view the second step)
    (2) Register Huamei Bank
    1, open the Huamei Bank App (VELO)
    2, click directly to click on [Online account opening]
    1. There are not many overall precautions, and professional information must be written in detail. You can choose other information according to the actual situation. The account type can choose the daily savings account.
    (3) Detailed explanation of account opening steps (Apple user example)
    1, account selection: Premier Checking account;
    2, nationality and social code fill in according to your actual situation (there is no choice of social security number);
    3, fill in bank account opening information (1)
    Stretest attention:
    The current residential place and mailing address countries default to write China by default, if you fill in other countries, do not support account opening;
    The mobile phone number must be Mainland mobile phone number, otherwise you cannot support account opening.
    4. nColon information and confirm that the information will pop up the window for customers to understand Velo's charging situation
    6. Agreement confirmation
    The check and consent. After submitting to success, some customers will open in real time. After the opening of Velo, Velo will be directly directly. Send SMS reminders that some manual review is partially followed, and generally opened two working days, without exclusion of special circumstances.

    . Bank of China RMB exchange US dollars to Huamei Bank;
    [Mainland online banking remittance to Velo operation steps]
    Part 2: Log in to the VELO account, get Velo receiving information
    Step 3: Log in to remittance, find cross -border remittances, fill in the remittance information to complete the remittance
    N1. The feedback of the US dollar use customer is more convenient because of private tourism. You can refer to
    2, Velo is the United States, so the statement of the contributor chooses the United States
    3, the payment of the payee address: 9300 Flair Drive, 4th FL, EL MONTE, CA, 91731
    (1), bank foreign exchange purchase
    1, log in to Bank of China mobile online banking, find foreign exchange and purchase foreign exchange; According to the page guidance, the renminbi is exchanged for "US dollar", searching for foreign exchange purchase and foreign exchange purchase.
    (2) Get the Velo receipt account:
    velo app: the second button below -transfer to — Bank -Bank of China -my account collection information.
    (3) Overseas remittance
    1. Find "cross -border remittance";
    2, fill in the receipt information according to the guidelines, account and name on the Velo APP, the payee name is Velo homepage Pinyin, the account account is the account of the top 2161 at the top of the Velo menu;
    3, the remittance information can fill in their own information, the address can be filled in the pinyin; Essence
    This Cashier Address: 303 SOUTH Hewitt Street, Downloadn Los Angeles, CA 90013, United States

    . Receive information → Fudu app notification collection
    1, open Velo APP
    -click [Transfer]-[Transfer]-[New Revenue Account]
    Huamei Bank Account]
    2. Fill in the collection information
    Fufu app — trading page -securities account -deposit funds -deposit in the US dollar — velo bank deposit -unprooped transfer, see how to enter the gold. rn重要提醒:转账时,美国华美Velo账户需要预留30美金,账户保护作用(银行系统目前没有提醒,如果未留存30美金,转账一般次日会退回,需要重新操作)r n3. In the Futu Niu Niu APP notification of receipt
    Fu Futu APP — Trading Page -Securities Account — Survey in Fund — Investment in the USD -VELO Bank to Public Fund — [Notice Futu Collection] deposited in the account default [US stock financing Securities fusion account]
    The account time: turn on the day of working day, it is expected to arrive at 2-4 pm on T 2 working day

    . Futu US stock account is exchanged for Hong Kong dollar to Hong Kong stock account.
    1. We enter Futu Niu Niu, choose my-> Securities Account-> US stocks in the lower right corner, and you can see the amount after the transfer. Then click the currency exchange in the middle of the right.
    2, then select the dollar to Hong Kong dollar, you can. After the exchange is completed, you can see your Hong Kong dollars in the Hong Kong stock account.

  2. what's hot wholesale jewelry Hong Kong stocks need to use Hong Kong dollars. Hong Kong dollars can adopt the following ways to obtain the Agricultural Bank of China Card to purchase Hong Kong dollars 1. Pick up the handle and open the bank's app to find the function of exchange and exchange for foreign exchange. In the search bar for retrieval. 2. Then choose a foreign exchange purchase, the page will first push a foreign exchange purchase application, after viewing the next step, choose information such as buying currency, the use of foreign exchange, and other information. 3. After filling in the corresponding letter, click to confirm, and then you can wait for the account. 4. You can also use Biyapay professional Hong Kong stocks to enter Jinpingtai, and directly pick up the exchanged Hong Kong dollars to the SIB bank card, and then remit to the voucher. This reduces the process of remittance from domestic accounts to its own overseas account. Essence If you are unclear, please ask questions at any time

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