wholesale suply for diy jewelry What are the ways to get new gold in Hong Kong stocks?

wholesale suply for diy jewelry

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  1. fine gold jewelry wholesale Many friends are consulting in the background and want to participate in Hong Kong stocks to play new, but what are the ways of Hong Kong stocks to put new funds. Can I still participate if there is no Hong Kong card? The answer is yes, as long as you can complete the new Hong Kong stocks.

    It will introduce the new process of Hong Kong stocks in Hong Kong stocks. As we all know, Hong Kong stocks play new points in three steps: account opening, bank card, and gold. The focus is on the entry into the gold stage, and the money is transferred to the account account of the brokerage. Everbright Bank also made a lot of strategies before entering the gold. For example, after the construction of the bank was purchased, the fund manager also suggested that the domestic card Guangda and Minsheng Bank, the Hong Kong card FPS Hong Kong dollar, etc. As the first choice, the second choice of the Bank of China is determined at the end.

    Step income-first purchase of foreign exchange on online banking: search for "settlement and sales", buy foreign exchange dollars or Hong Kong dollars, and use "private tourism" for foreign exchange. Methods, when playing new, it is okay not to change to Hong Kong dollars. Hong Kong dollars are not very different from the new US stocks and the US dollar. Therefore, the account keeping the US dollar on the Hong Kong stocks is not as much as possible; at the same time Involved in scattered costs.

    The summary: Although the use of the Mainland bank card is relatively simple, it does not support the Mainland bank card when it is exported. Moreover, it is not 100 % successful in the mainland bank card. At that time, banks must charge fees and transfer bank fees. Use Mainland bank cards to get psychological preparations.

    Is after understanding the mainland card to enter the gold, let's take a look at how to use the Hong Kong card to pay new gold.

    The is a little easier for Hong Kong cards to play. It is recommended that friends who have a chance to get a Hong Kong bank card in the future.

    The data preparation:

    Thor passport multiple round -trip visas

    The second -generation valid ID card

    address certification (Hydropower and gas bills, telephone bills, securities trading days, credit card bills)

    It with the Hong Kong card, you can choose a suitable broker, such as Futu Niu Niu and Tigers. Xueying is good. Or bind the Hong Kong card on the BiyAPay platform, and use Biyapay's flash storage function and transfer function to complete the entry of Hong Kong stocks.

    This summary: It is more convenient, stable, flexible, and high in success to use the Hong Kong bank card. It is also strongly recommended that friends to try it with BiyAPay. The way!

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