Small sitting room decorates these design ideas you must know

Sitting room can put a lot of large furniture below most circumstances. Like sofa, TV cabinet, tea table and so on are the regular guests in the living room, plus plants and chandelier these objects, a small living room if not well designed really can not control all. So the small living room decoration needs the correct use of some skills to make the small living room shine.

A space,

The limitation that the mainest drawback of little sitting room is a space, when we choose furniture, must remember to choose the furniture with low back, a few foldable furniture can be chosen below the circumstance of solitary. And the price of the furniture is also very affordable, not so expensive.

The furniture that decorates inside small sitting room chooses modelling as far as possible simple, modelling is more complex furniture can have counter-effect only.

2, receive

No matter which receive, as the receiving of the sitting room with convenient. If you have a baby at home, you must know the importance of storage in the living room.

Some corners and corners can be filled in with custom cabinets or drawers, so that the room becomes neat and efficient at the same time.

But other storage can be more, the hanging cabinet this thing can not do too much, the layout of the hanging cabinet should be beautiful otherwise it will have the opposite effect, and the hanging cabinet storage is not convenient to take low take frequency items (seasonal clothing, quilt).

Small sitting room decorates these design ideas you must know

3, color

Small living room in the decoration of the time to remember to pay attention to style and color collocation.

Anacreontic color will make the space narrow feeling is reduced, avoid using darker color (black, purple) because it is too depressed!

Four, symmetry

Of small sitting room decorate should remember dimensional layout to do symmetrical layout, not be to say asymmetry layout does not suit small sitting room to decorate, because asymmetry layout too test stylist ability however

Symmetry is not to say what thing should place two to achieve symmetry in the sitting room, want the centre of gravity of dimensional feeling to achieve balance to belong to symmetry only. This needs when decorating a sitting room oneself master.

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