Who should I choose, toilet or squat toilet?

Between the toilet and squat toilet, there is a "mutual contempt" cycle of death!

The person that uses closestool feels: squat pit is to decorate failure brushstroke, too have no grade; Not suitable for the elderly; Some people even think that the toilet is an improvement on squatting toilet, saying that the toilet is not good just to find an excuse for their backward habits and so on.

People who use squat toilets feel that: the toilet directly contact with the skin is not clean; Bad for defecation; It's prone to splash problems and so on.

So today we are going to talk in detail about the toilet and squat toilet feud.

First, where is the majority of toilets/squat toilets used?

According to everyone's feedback and historical data, I made a summary:

1. Most cities in coastal provinces use toilets

Coastal provinces with developed port trade and large influx of foreigners, people in these coastal provinces became the first to eat melons (accept western culture), toilet culture is one of them, a person who has used toilet all his life, would think toilet is bad?

2. Other provinces

Some provinces do not accept toilets well, and even reject them. The old house more places, squatting toilet will be relatively more, followed by the new house toilet penetration rate will be relatively high; If you have two toilets in your home, the public toilet, the main toilet is the first choice.

Two, squat toilet of merit lack

From the daily use of the process, summed up a few squat toilet advantages:

1, squatting toilet will not directly contact the skin

No direct contact with the skin during the use of squat toilets, fundamentally reduce/eliminate bacterial troubles; In addition, the most bacterial place in the toilet is the toilet seat, and it is in direct contact with the skin, it is recommended to choose a toilet with antibacterial/antibacterial effect of the material, at the same time, regular disinfection cleaning is also key.

2, squat toilet is conducive to defecation

Squat toilet is advantageous to the row is to have a scientific basis, because there is a "pubic rectum muscle" muscles, the rectum "bound" formed a cutting-edge forward Angle (commonly known as "anorectal Angle"), and the anorectal Angle, the greater the rectum is more direct, more smoothly defecate (simple understanding is squatting, the rectum is straight, no corner). And it's better for pushing.

3. Squatting can reduce toilet time

It's hard to deny that toilets are more comfortable, and it's easy to lose track of time while swiping your phone; Squatting brush mobile phone, a long time, the body will be very conscious to remind you to get up!

4, squat toilet is more suitable for small area toilet

Small area toilet if the installation of toilet, then will take up more space, will make the space appear more crowded; Installing a squat toilet, because it does not take up "facade space," will not only appear spacious, but also will not bump the problem.

But squat toilet is a "pit", also need to pay attention to avoid stepping on pit fall!

Who should I choose, toilet or squat toilet?

5, cleanliness/psychological problems

Here's a quick survey: Do people "reject" someone else's toilet (other than their family)?

Most people generally have this kind of psychology: although we all know that the transmission of infectious diseases is quite harsh, but not afraid of ten thousand afraid of one thousand psychological, in the use of the toilet outside, like a lump in the throat, the heart is difficult to peace.

6. Man problems

Squatting toilets are much friendlier to men than toilets!

On the problem, although the squat toilet also can have "splash" out of the question, but not problem clearly, like a toilet, in addition to use the toilet to urinate, need to put the toilet seat up, for the lazy or have cleanliness, is really very big (if is intelligent toilet in the home, have automatic flip function, then please ignore this).

If your bathroom is big enough and you have frequent guests, installing a urinal can be a good choice.

7, embossing

When going to the toilet, if you use squat toilet, as long as you adjust the position, then there will be little "trap water bending water" splashing on the butt problem; And when using toilet, occurrence "save water bend water" splash the probability on buttock is very big, even if practiced a "embossing" skill, also have miss time, especially the stomach uncomfortable very anxious time, what embossing, what shop paper towel already can't care about!

To sum up, squatting toilets and toilets have their own advantages and disadvantages. They represent different lifestyle habits, like someone who prefers a soft mattress. Some people like hard mattresses, there is no need to clenched the shortcomings of others do not put, the proposal from others more window, advantage to look at.

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