Is the kitchen stitched or cabinetry first?

​What a blessing it is to come home from a busy day and have a hot meal. There's nothing like this in the ideal life. But real life may not be so perfect. In most cases, when we get home from work, we're still in the company of takeaways. Lazy, don't want to cook, that's one thing. Not being a good cook or not being able to cook is another. Another thing is that the kitchen is terrible.

Simply put, the kitchen is far less practical than expected. It may take two hours to cook and more than an hour to find and pack. Decorating the kitchen is crucial for the home cook.

As the title suggests, does the kitchen come first with seamwork or cabinetry? Before we answer the question, let's take a look at the sewing and the cabinet. The United States seam, it is to ceramic tile gap beautification processing, avoid gap mildew + health dead Angle. Ambry, the main reception of the kitchen. The kitchen does not do beautiful seam, sanitary dead Angle is only foreplay. Later moldy, smelly and other problems, will let the family "cook" do not want to cook.

Is the kitchen stitched or cabinetry first?The kitchen will be a mess if the cupboard is not installed properly. Now, back to the problem. The answer? All right, let's look at different hypotheses. If hit ambry hind beauty seam first, so the ceramic tile aperture of ambry rear, cannot do beauty seam. After all, it's all covered up. Perhaps someone said, since the gap is covered, the beauty of the seam is directly saved. However, even in the back of the cupboard, beauty can not be spared.

Ambry, place the area such as article of all sorts of tableware, seasoning specially. Once the ceramic tile gap of ambry rear appears moldy wait for a problem, can permeate ambry interior slowly, cause the bacteria such as tableware to breed. If not handled in time, it will have an impact on the body. After all, the weather is complicated, and the kitchen is watery and smoky. The ceramic tile gap that does not have beautiful seam is easy to be affected with damp, mildew.

In addition, after making the cabinet first, there will be problems such as accidentally sticking the sealant to the cabinet, which is very troublesome to clean up in the late stage. Consequently, even if be the ceramic tile at the back of ambry, also want to make beautiful seam by standard. Of course, the wall tiles in this area don't need to be too good. If you do the United States seam and then hit the cabinet, there is no such problem. Kitchen beauty seam, want to wait for ceramic tile to dry thoroughly hind, begin construction again.

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