What are the materials of the dining table

First, glass dining table
Vitreous mesa and metal, plank wait for combination to become mensal, of vitreous fully feel and dimensional feeling are better, so mensal exterior can appear very contemporary vogue. But because it is a glass table, so we should pay attention to not have heavy knocks, otherwise it is easy to break. Still have namely vitreous mesa had better not be transparent, see under the table directly when having dinner so, can feel more strange, affect the mood of have dinner.

What are the materials of the dining tableTwo, solid wood dining table
The table of pure solid wood is environmental protection, strong and durable, quality en zheng, and the feeling that solid wood gives a person is more atmospheric, high-grade. And the modelling that solid wood table can do is more, can have a few decorative pattern, curve, radian, very beautiful. But is the price is higher, there is a heavier, not quite easy to move. And the need to be careful when eating, usually also need to regularly maintain maintenance.

Marble dining table
Because marble looks cold, not warm enough, so home generally few people choose, seems to be more high-end hotels, apartments, or villas will be used. Marble is convenient to take care of, high temperature resistance heavy objects are also resistant to scratches, but the natural marble stone is not quite safe, may have harmful radiation to the human body, so the choice of time must be careful.

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