Mirror is good to implantation bed, what method can be solved?

Mirror on the placement of this geomantic have some understanding of the people know, this is a bad placement, what placement will affect geomantic?

1. It doesn't matter if the bed is in good health. If the spirit is not good, it will be scared.

2, not to the door because if the mirror is facing the door will block the god of wealth, so that the god of wealth can not come in, the bedroom is the same.

3, there is not a wealth in the living room, put the mirror is to stop the god of wealth.

Mirror is good to implantation bed, what method can be solved?


4, not to the kitchen door, this situation will produce mirror god and kitchen god hedge, so it is easy to let the members of the family body appear pain, women are easy to have women's diseases, men often inexplicable fist and foot to treat his wife.

5, not oblique mirror mirror can not be oblique, must be with the wall to become a plane, the home had better not.

6, not in front of the desk mirror is easy to distract people reading in the study. In addition, emperor Wenchang, the ruler of Wenchang, does not like children reading while looking in the mirror.

7, the mirror can not face the toilet door, will let the couple in dealing with things, and let the male sexual function in the home weakened, women are easy to have women's diseases.

8, not embedded in the ceiling mirror in the ceiling, usually below the people will consume gas, money, consumption of your health, so more mirrors to the hotel to go less.

9, not too big or too much will make people feel cold.

Mirror is good to implantation bed, what method can be solved?


10. Put a gossip mirror above your front door. This will make your neighbor across the street think you're reflecting bad magnetic fields back to him. Also can let you be in housing business additionally, the seller can think your home is not a brake, raise the difficulty that you get rid of.

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