Winter home decoration "critical disaster area" maintenance strategy

A lot of consumers can have such experience: through a heating season, the bridal chamber that decorates often appears metope crack, wood floor to rise arch, woodwork craze wait for a problem. These "stubborn diseases" are actually related to the large temperature difference between indoor and outdoor in northern winter and the dry climate of the environment. So, is there any way to avoid these problems as much as possible? This week, the reporter consulted about expert paint of floor, wallpaper, wall, furniture these a few winters "serious disaster area" maintain small doohickey.

Winter home decoration "critical disaster area" maintenance strategy

The floor moisturizes the job to want to do enough

Northern winter air is dry, especially after heating, the indoor temperature that raises aggravates air is dry, bring about the floor easily "dehydrate". The floor will be deformed when it meets water, so how to keep wet? Yu Baoguo of senior engineer of limited company of course of study of wood of Beijing holy elephant service expresses, winter maintains a floor, unfavorable increases the humidity of floor surface directly, and should adjust indoor humidity actively. The indoor temperature should be below 28℃ and the humidity should be between 50% and 70%. Such wood floor can be maintained in a relatively stable state. If the natural humidity is not high enough, use a humidifier to humidify. For users of geothermal heating, winter floor maintenance is particularly noteworthy. Sudden cold sudden heat is very big to floor harm. Yu Gong points out that the process of geothermal opening and closing should be gradual, as the sudden rise and fall of temperature will affect the service life of the floor.

In addition, what should maintain floor surface is dry reach brightness. Daily cleaning can be wiped with a wrung cotton mop. If you encounter stubborn stains, wipe them with neutral cleaning solvent and then wipe them with a twisted cotton mop. Do not use organic solvents such as acid, alkaline solvent or gasoline. Place mat at the door, it is best to change flat slippers and then enter the room, reduce the erosion of sand and gravel on the floor, but also pay attention to the floor cleaning, avoid the abrasion of gravel on the surface of the floor paint film scratches. At the same time, do not place high-power electric heaters directly on the floor for heating, and do not place high-temperature objects such as kettle and stove directly.

Wallpaper is most afraid of sunlight and lampblack

When the sun shines in winter, the wallpaper fades easily due to ultraviolet rays. Qu Zhaoxu, an engineer at Ruibao Wallpaper, suggests that when residents are not at home, they should use curtains or blinds to block light and avoid direct sunlight. At the same time, when heating, we should pay attention not to let the hot air of heating equipment such as stove blow directly to the wallpaper, because the wallpaper may also be deformed and discolored when it is hot. And wallpaper in winter also usually appear glue, warped edge, wall partial fall off and other phenomena, mainly caused by indoor temperature, humidity, other decorative objects thermal expansion and contraction.

Secondly, cigarette smoke or kitchen smoke will turn wallpaper yellow in a short time. Dew or moisture is the main reason for stains, peeling and mildew. In order to avoid these two situations, attention should be paid to maintaining indoor ventilation and humidity regulation.

Once again, pay attention to daily cleaning, all wallpaper walls should be vacuums regularly, vacuum cleaners or feather dusters to remove dust, it is best not to scrub directly with water. If there is oil stains and other difficult to scrub dirt, can be wiped with eraser or with a towel dipped in some cleaning liquid wring dry wipe. The cleanness of wallpaper of new qualitative material, wait like wallpaper of fibre of metal wallpaper, glass, wallpaper manufacturer chamber of commerce undertakes special guidance to consumer when installing, professional wallpaper worker can ask to undertake door cleanness when the problem is serious.

Winter home decoration "critical disaster area" maintenance strategy

Wipe furniture with essential oils

Winter air humidity is relatively small, indoor is dry, the key to maintain furniture is to drive out dry. Of ligneous furniture moist, rely on wet dishcloth to wipe pure fill water is far not enough, still should nurse essential oil through professional furniture to maintain moist. Furniture care essential oil contains natural orange oil that can be easily absorbed by wood fiber, which can effectively lock moisture in wood, prevent drying and deformation of wood, nourish wood, make wood shine again from inside to outside, and extend the service life of furniture. In addition, the simple method of cloak scratch and dent is to use cotton ball or brush, the shoe polish of close color on besmear of furniture surface can. And purify water be soiled, spread on water be soiled with clean absorbent paper, reoccupy heat iron, can purify.

Solution to repair wall paint cracking

At present, the new thermal insulation wall is widely used in buildings. The heat preservation effect of this kind of wall body is better, but in decorating especially in winter, it is easy to appear the problem of emulsioni paint cracking. Actually this kind of craze is the cement that appears crack as a result of wall body, or wall body "heat preservation board" juncture craze and cause, be not the quality problem that decorate, however the defect that cannot overcome on the building. For the cracks in the insulation wall, experts put forward several plans to make up for:

Plan 1: after processing metope base clean, stick on the cloth of a drear good on metope first, kraft paper or newspaper, use the tension of fiber, will assure the integrity of film of emultii paint. This method is relatively simple, but the effect is mediocre.

Plan 2: take out the heat preservation board of metope surface, or remove cement metope, install a plasterboard first outside insulation layer or "5 cent board", do emulsioni paint above next. This approach can remove all irregular cracks, cracks are generally the joint between the plate, better treatment. But this method cost is higher, construction is difficult.

Plan 3: use the adornment material that contains flexibility. Go up in metope base processing at present, have a kind "elastic be bored with child" can make up for wall crack problem on certain level.

Plan 4: Some consumers can take out the insulation layer of wall body directly. Although this method can once and for all, but can reduce the heat preservation of metope, heat insulation performance, usually not recommended.

Winter home thermal insulation energy saving six tips

In the cold winter, people are eager to enjoy the warm indoor environment like spring, and hope to reduce the consumption of energy. However, many consumers report, indoor temperature after formal heating is lower, room central heating is not hot, or although central heating is hot, but room temperature is not high. So, whether through some simple methods and tips to solve the winter indoor environment heat preservation heat preservation and energy conservation problem? China indoor environment monitors committee and China energy-saving environmental protection decorate attests to guide center Song Guangsheng director introduced the method of heat preservation of a few winter rooms and energy-saving.

● Tip 1: the new radiator should be deflated in time

For beautiful, when a few families can be decorated, changed new-style radiator. If the air and cold water inside the radiator can not be put clean, the cooling effect of the new radiator will be greatly reduced. Experts point out that the right processing method is that after confirm heating heating, the first step to close the radiator outlet valve, the second step is to open the water valve (hand touch temperature pipeline valves), the third step to open the radiator air vent valve, drain, vent out after hot water, then close vent valve, the fourth step open radiator water valve, so after processing, If there were no installation and design problems, the radiator would have warmed up. However, we should pay attention to check whether the vent valve is closed after use to prevent water leakage.

● Tip 2: radiator inverted louver net

When some consumer is decorating, put on warm air cover to radiator. This affected the cooling effect of the radiator, the solution is to open the cooling cover. If the opening will affect the appearance, you can put the heat sink upside down, so that the louver net is used, you can make the heat inside the hood out.

● Tip 3: reflector film installed behind the radiator

The expert thinks still can increase temperature for indoor through the method of reflection heat, specific practice is, the aluminum gusset plate that can use metal surface, also can use the metal film of kitchen hearth that kitchen uses or the metal film that bake makes food to use, install on the metope between radiator and wall, have the effect of heat preservation and reflective radiator quantity of heat.

● Tip 4: add sealing strips for doors and Windows

Some old houses also use no sealing aluminum alloy doors and Windows or steel Windows, and some doors and Windows although they are new, but after a period of time, there will be sealing aging problem, resulting in the loss of indoor heat, which needs to install the sealing strip and replace the sealing strip. Especially for the door of the room, if the anti-theft door sealing strip is aging and falling off, it will cause serious heat loss.

● Tip 5: glass paste insulation film and insulation coating

The quantity of heat of 40% indoor in winter is lost through window glass, especially the bedroom that a few have French window, indoor temperature is lower necessarily in winter. In this case, you can use the method of sticking glass insulation film and brushing glass insulation coating, after the indoor environment monitoring committee test, under the condition of not affecting the glass transmittance function, can play a role in improving the indoor temperature and preventing heat loss.

● Tip 6: Change your interior decor

In addition, for the sake of visual effect, warm in winter, cloth art furniture can be used in place of wood or iron cane to make furniture, cloth material or packaging wooden chairs, sitting room, bedroom of stone material and ceramic tile ground shop carpet, the lighting is the best replacement for warm illuminant light, wall hung tapestry, and change the texture thick, dark curtains.

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