Main points of wall structure acceptance of roughcast room

1, use a ruler to measure the actual area of the room. According to the housing handover document provided in the set of building area and drawings as the basis, field measurement, if the error is large can ask the developer or commissioned professional institutions retest. Also can decorate a company to send a person to measure dimension directly please, leave out the trouble later.

2. Whether the height of measurement meets the requirements. The actual height of the building floor should not be less than 2.6 meters, the actual height of the three-meter height should not be less than 2.75 meters, and the height of the residential building should not be less than 2.8 meters. The height measurement is very simple, the ruler along the two walls of the shade Angle measurement, as many as possible.

3, check whether the tilt of the house needs to use special instruments, but we use visual inspection from different angles around, careful observation can also find problems. You can also tie a weight on the roof with a thin rope and put it down to check the tilt of the wall. Generally speaking error 3 cm above just can decorate to cause serious influence later.

4, carefully check the wall body, ceiling floor tilt, bending, uplift or depression. If it is found that the property should be notified of timely processing, these problems are not solved is unable to start decoration.

Main points of wall structure acceptance of roughcast room

5. Check whether there are reserved air conditioning pipe holes and whether the reserved pipe holes are unobstructed. It is recommended to seal the hole in the decoration stage to prevent rainwater from pouring back.

6, check whether there is a 45 degree Angle or vertical crack with the corner on the ground and top of the house. If there is a serious settlement of the house, there are structural quality problems.

7, see whether there are cracks in the load-bearing wall, if the cracks run through the whole wall and through to the back, said the room has dangerous hidden dangers, for this kind of house, the buyer must not be lucky. Local metope exists fine crack, belong to stuccoing layer craze is caused, do not affect main body structure safety, can be solved in decorating process.

8, the balcony crack is dangerous. Generally speaking, the crack of metope is not structural crack mostly, the effect is beautiful, but dangerous sex is not big. The structural problem of the building often appears in the balcony, in case the joint place that discovers room and balcony has crack, it is the foretaste of balcony rupture very likely, must inform property immediately.

9, insulation is not good wall dripping. In winter, if there is condensation on the wall of the room, there must be a problem with the insulation layer of the wall. Notify the property or developer to solve the decoration.

10, each room within the door using prefabricated floor or cast board ceiling, should be done without plastering, leveling with putty, to achieve a dense plate seam, no cracks, rub smooth without wrong platform, smooth surface, basic uniform color, straight line Angle. Wall flatness exceeds the specification requirements (4mm), is a construction quality problem, can be solved in the decoration process;

11, all kinds of room cement floor base elevation, should consider the height size requirements reserved for redecoration, kitchen and toilet ground is usually 1.5 to 2 cm lower than the horizontal plane.

12, don’t forget to check the exterior wall, and the appearance of the floor is in accordance with the building instructions.

Main points of wall structure acceptance of roughcast room

13, to see whether there are cracks and seepage wall. See if there are obvious watermarks and mildew spots. In particular, check whether there are water marks, especially some gables, kitchen sanitation top surface, external walls and other places, if there is, be sure to find out the cause as soon as possible.

14, see whether there is a pitting on the wall. This kind of hemp professional called “lime burst point”, is limewater did not pass enough time due to ripening. If there is pitting on the top, it will bring great adverse effect on interior decoration.

15, check whether the wall is empty. Of metope plastering, ground adornment face layer and other adornment face layer whether existence is empty crack phenomenon, should knock gently with small hammer only know. If “empty” sound is heard, it means empty drum phenomenon, no rework; When decorating the likelihood hits wear floor slab to cause a lawsuit.

16, wall broken cracks are mostly putty or cement pressure layer faults, most of the decoration will be re-processed, the consequences of this aspect is generally not too serious, but the light body wall broken cracks are likely to be wall quality problems. So please see clearly before decoration company decoration.

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