Does bubble bath use bath salt, bath ball or bubble bath fluid after all?

What are bath salt balls? Bath salt ball, also called Bath Bomb, explosive bath salt ball/bubble bomb, its use process is like throwing an oversized vitamin C effervescent tablet into the bathtub to quickly bubble up the visual sense. Because MEETING water CAN PRODUCE RICH FOAM, ADD GORGEOUS COLOR, BE VERY POPULAR WITH CHILDREN AND YOUNG GENERATION abroad.

How do you use bath salt balls? The advantage of the explosive bath salt ball is that it can remove the dirt and odor of the body, and has the effect of softening the cutin, which can dissolve and remove the dead skin on the skin surface, making the skin smooth and tender. It can also help soften cold water and neutralize PH; ​finally, the bath salt ball carries its own aroma, which makes people feel relaxed and enjoy a relaxing bath time after a rough day, and also adds a lot of interest.​

​Ring bombs may avoid reusing shower gel after bathing, but may need to be rinsed slightly if the balls contain strong essential oils, says ring bombs wholesale suppliers.

How to design a bath salt ball? In the process of product design, through the combination of color, fragrance, shape and other aspects, we can create products with different effects and themes. In the picture below, the grainy texture of bath salts is paired with fresh macarons and dried flowers, exactly like different flavors of ice cream, instantly evoking both visual and taste associations.


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