Why do municipal water supply projects choose PE pipes

With the rapid development of the modern economy, the pipe industry is continuously upgrading. There are more than 400 pipe enterprises in China, and the equipment and technology are continuously introduced to produce better quality pipes based on quality.

Of course, different manufacturers, production quality will be different, pipe prices are not the same, we mainly engaged in civil municipal engineering three series of pipes: PVC pipe, PPR pipe, PE pipe. Quality assurance, GB quality.

Today, HDPE pipe manufacturers will reveal for you why the municipal water supply project limited choice of PE pipe.​

In the municipal water supply project, PE pipe has become the priority choice of pipe in the field of plastic instead of steel. What advantages and characteristics does it have?

0ee9647b0b1b818aca6d0e6eeeabcc43PE pipe to overcome the galvanized pipe, cast iron pipe, easy to rust, scale, bacteria, short life of the shortcomings, it has its own reliable quality, safe operation, convenient maintenance, cost economic characteristics. In particular, the hot melt technology of PE feed pipe is more suitable for the direct buried pipeline, which effectively solves the problem of joint leakage.

What are the properties and characteristics of PE pipe?

1, excellent physical properties

2, corrosion resistance, no scaling

3. Good toughness and flexibility

4, the circulation capacity is large, economically cost-effective

5, convenient connection, simple construction, various methods

6, light quality

7, long service life, easy to recycle

8. It has strong adaptability to the changes of the foundation.​

9, convenient maintenance, can be water, gas maintenance and installation

10. ​Excellent resistance to rough cracking

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