jewelry wholesale trade shows nyc What kind of bank account will be monitored by big data

jewelry wholesale trade shows nyc

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    The banks will not occur.
    1. Monitor the large -scale transactions.
    We mobile payment, etc. Every small amount of funds flow to the bank at a glance. If there is a large number of transactions, the bank will recognize it. When individual banks suddenly spend more than 100,000 yuan, they will call for consultation. First of all, I will ask if this operation is operated by myself. What is the specific use of this money? Some people even ask themselves a series of questions, such as what work, source of income, and so on. If some people's consumption often meets this limit, banks will definitely not interfere, but only for some sudden abnormal consumption. Some banks also call to verify more than 100,000 yuan of personal transfer, and then the staff will determine whether there is a problem with the money to complete the corresponding operation. Therefore, when we go to the bank, whether it is withdrawn more than 50,000 yuan or more than 200,000 yuan, we need to make an appointment in advance. Such an appointment will be reported to the country's anti -money laundering center. Many people feel trouble. Why is it so difficult to serve? When saving money, he wants to save as much as you want. He can deposit 1 million and 10 million at a time. Why does he appoint more than 50,000 withdrawal in advance and turn to more than 200,000 to make an appointment? Is it embarrassing? Don't you want people to get money? In fact, they all misunderstood the bank. This requirement is not that the bank does not want the depositor to withdraw money, but the central bank's request. There are also some banks in our real life. Some people can withdraw money every day in order to facilitate customers. There is no limit for personal transfer of more than 50,000 yuan. In fact, these banks did not strictly follow the requirements of the central bank.
    2, a lot of funds transfer to strange accounts, frequent transfer.
    For our ordinary employees, monthly income is basically not bad. In addition, consumption, etc., banks are generally normal, but once frequent transfers appear or suddenly there are a large number of strange account transfer, it will be monitored by banks. In fact, it is easy for us to understand that large transfer is supervised by banks, mainly to prevent you from being deceived by others. Frequent abnormal transfer may be that the bank thinks you are suspected of money laundering. For each of us, there are stable wages every month, even if they set up stalls, buy vegetables every day, and take bus subways. The bank's regulatory system will record daily income and expenditure records. In this way, once our bank account suddenly appears abnormal, it will be monitored by the banking system, and relevant personnel will call to verify. Sometimes some accounts are set to abnormal accounts. When you transfer, the banking system will determine that this operation is risky. Even if the transfer amount is only a few thousand yuan, bank staff will call to verify the transaction.
    3. Transactions involving virtual currencies will be immediately monitored or even frozen by banks.
    Bitcoin is the birth of various virtual currencies, and the price of such virtual currencies is not cheap. In fact, the generation of this virtual currency can be said to be designed for money laundering. In some underground casinos, black money obtained through fraud, robbery, drug trafficking and even corruption will be washed up by criminals using virtual currencies. Maybe you buy the virtual currency money is clean, but when you sell it, there may be some robbers or even drug dealers to buy. Although the state has not introduced relevant laws to qualify virtual currency transactions as illegal, the state has maintained a severe blow to virtual currency transactions. When traffic involves virtual currency transactions, banks will freeze accounts. If you can't clearly explain the source and whereabouts of this money, you don't even have the opportunity to withdraw the money from your account.
    3. We not only transfer the money, but our consumption will be monitored by banks. In fact, our savings will also be monitored.
    The bank deposits exceeded 500,000 yuan, there will be a one -to -one service of a special phone call, mainly to ensure that future deposits settle in their own banks, so as to recommend a series of insurance financial management. In this way, banks just want to develop more valuable customers to increase bank income.

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