Does children room kick crural line to want to do?

In the home outfit industry, circulating all the time such an important "clew", namely 100 hear not equal to see 3 big decorate "high-tension line" -- hairline of economic boundary line, top of head and play crural line. Economic boundaries, it's easy to understand, the problem of more money and less money. Hairline on the top of the head, because of the decoration budget, decoration difficulty higher problems, caused by the hairline crisis.

Skirting, this seems a little strange word, but it is an indispensable part of home life. The skirting line is not installed, or the skirting line installation does not meet the standard, will bring a lot of trouble to the home.

Decorate a process in the family, old person room and children room, it is more special two Spaces. No reason for him, one is dedicated to elders, one is dedicated to children. Both the elderly and children are vulnerable groups in the family. Decoration, naturally to a lot of attention, especially in the decoration process of safety, environmental protection and lighting, ventilation and other details.

Does children room kick crural line to want to do?

Does children room kick crural line to want to do? Do it, or no one will clean it. Skirting line, as the name implies, is the wall area kicked by the foot, so it is prone to pollution from external factors, and then appear dirty and other problems. Thus, one of the main functions of the skirting line is to help keep the walls on the ground clean. Children's room, the main area for children to play and rest. It is no exaggeration to say that any area has been visited by children.

The skirting line is designed to reduce the chance of children accidentally fouling the wall during play. Even if the protection is limited, it still protects a small area from the "ravages" of young children. The skirting line exists not only for protection, but also for other practical functions, such as the perfect blending of two different materials. Want to know, children room ground spreads stick wooden floor normally, metope is besmear brushes emultii paint.

The junction of two different materials, how to see how uncomfortable. Another practical function of the skirting line, this is where it comes in, is the perfect transition between these two different materials. Moreover, the skirting line also covers the expansion joint. After all, children's room shop stick wood floor, must be reserved for expansion joints. The existence of the skirting line perfectly covers the expansion joints of the wood floor and the wall.

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