Southern spring decoration building materials moisture-proof trick

Spring is the home decorates the busy season that the bound is acknowledged, but because southern spring often can appear rainy weather and air is moist, in such moist weather unavoidable meeting decorates construction to produce an effect to right now, we understand building materials moistureproof clever move together below!

First, wet building materials first aid four magic formula

The so-called too late to mend, it is not too late, if the home decoration building materials inevitably affected by the spring weather, the following four small methods can solve the pressing problem for you:

1, gypsum control setting time

When the material that handles similar gypsum in spring, because of damp concern, always control the shape that forms hard, resist pressure to also reduce somewhat, want to improve this kind of problem, the only method is the time that controls condensation strictly namely, cannot be like at ordinary times laissez fastly stir time.

2, nitrocellulose paint to polyester paint

In general does not advocate in wet air, especially in the south back to the day when the paint construction, difficult to dry and prone to subsequent repair problems, in order to solve this problem, you can carefully look at the types of paint, as far as possible to use lacquer, and don't choose such as polyester paint, lacquer drying time will be faster.

3, air conditioning absorbs air moisture

On the one hand, the air in spring is humid, on the other hand, the construction site should often keep the decoration environment with open Windows and ventilation, so that humidity can not be avoided to enter the room. At this time, an air conditioner can be added to the decoration site to absorb excessive moisture in the air by using the dehumidification function of the air conditioner to avoid water vapor infiltration.

4, wood drying measures

The boards in wet weather should be changed to flat, and at the same time, a layer of sealing paint should be painted immediately after entering the field to reduce the absorption of water in the fine holes of the boards; Made of furniture, can be affixed on the surface of a moisture-proof protective film; Do the words of coniferous top do not advocate continue to use wooden keel, had better convert light steel keel.

Southern spring decoration building materials moisture-proof trick

Two, the right medicine to cure the fundamental

The inducement that building materials is affected by damp has a lot of kinds, the damp that different inducement brings about and a series of decorate problem its processing method also differs somewhat:

1, wood due to moisture fog surface treatment

Most of the wood in the decoration process will be covered with a layer of wood paint. After encountering more moisture in the air, there will be a layer of fog, which will affect the appearance of the paint film. In this case, we suggest the use of drier or solar lamp to accelerate its drying.

2, paint processing improper moldy smell processing

Spring coating construction work is relatively slow, mildewy, stale would happen if mishandled, therefore in the treatment of the coating, pay special attention to the stability of the coating crack resistance and compressive strength and the initial dry, carefully observe the fine point, and detailed records of time, supplemented by air conditioning effect of wetted multi-pronged to solve the problem.

3. The wall is blackened by the return tide on rainy days

Rainy exterior wall damp, moisture slowly from outside the wall permeate in, and after the parapet board paint seals, moisture cannot send out again, bring about blackness, paint film becomes warched, so rely on the balcony to do parapet, must first make the balcony back surface processing.

4, the air is too wet to cause the wall cracking treatment

Be bored with child to hit repeatedly be bored with child or brush coating thoroughly, lock overmuch moisture among them, wall body can "perspay" even large area craze, the processing of this kind of circumstance can choose to stick interlining cloth when metope basic level is handled, assure metope won't craze.

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