How to decorate a small sitting room into a large sitting room

When need to decorate in other people's sitting room, how can you decorate the warmth of the sitting room? How to make the guests satisfied? Let's take a look at the introduction of triplet xiaobian below, introduce how to decorate the sitting room for you, so that small sitting room can become a large sitting room.

One bright spot

In this sitting room, sofa, tea table chose Style of Countryside of American style, atmosphere and deep. But as a result of choosing soft beautiful gauze qualitative curtain, color jumps grid to hold pillow, let a space appear active and young a lot of.

How to decorate a small sitting room into a large sitting room

Clever arrangement

How to make your spacious living room look more warm and soft? First you should let sofa, table not so clingy wall, sofa and tea table between also want so "intimate contact". Do not be afraid to look distant between furniture and furniture, want to add a piece of carpet only, can from the vision "pull close" the distance of sofa and tea table.

A small body has a big taste

Do not underestimate the small sitting room of your home, try to make it magical greaten, lemon yellow wall can let the vision become open.

Orange elegant demeanour: integral tonal let a person be full of passion, cloth art sofa, fireplace still has woodiness door to be full of classic aesthetic feeling.

Personality streaks

Be like stripe is in fashionable dress bound long-lasting glamour, it also has oneself distinctive individual character in household bound. In this space, the picture frame on pillow, fireplace is the collocation of various stripes and combination, appear fashionable and lively. Let this originally the sitting room with dark background color, become jump at a draught rise.

Elegant cool tone

Use the adornment with a little metal simple sense, but remember not to be too much, can let a space add meaning elegant and showily. For example in this space, the metallic desk leg of the sofa of metallic burnish simple sense holds pillow, tea table, and aureate sofa wall, let a space much costly simple sense.

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