Four kinds of furniture materials, each has its own good and bad

Bridal chamber decorates the thing that should do inevitably, because owner people time is not enough now, decorate knowledge to also not very understand, can spend money to let decorate a company to do commonly so.

Design a better practical to the home, show a better living environment, and for the decoration of small white, how to choose the material of furniture, it is worth learning the place, share with you below, which kind of material is good?

Four kinds of furniture materials, each has its own good and bad

1. Solid wood furniture

Solid wood furniture in terms of material, the quality is very good, that is, the price will be slightly higher, if the economic conditions allow, this material is the first choice, the material texture is hard and smooth. In addition, the service life is also very strong, coupled with pure natural solid wood, can also be preserved for a longer time.

In the process that uses nevertheless, want to pay attention to a bit small detail, the position is put to want to decide, solid wood furniture moves rise very laborious, had decided not to move as far as possible.

2. Finishing material furniture

The furniture of facing material, basically be to highlight aesthetic feeling and fashionable feeling. For instance adornment paper is being decorated when, often be used, perhaps paint applies metope to use. Of course, when we choose and buy, we should combine the actual situation at home and decide, there is no demand to look at beautiful purchase, practicality is not strong, but also a lot of spending.

Four kinds of furniture materials, each has its own good and bad

3. Combine boards with furniture

Plank combines furniture is solid wood and man-made board, the union of two kinds of material, so the price of plank furniture, want to buy solid wood mahogany furniture cheaper than us single, for most ordinary families, is a good choice.

4. Wood-based furniture

Wood-based panel furniture is used more decoration materials, the price is very cheap, wear-resistant effect is better. Nevertheless its shortcoming is to use glue more, but glue layer usually the case will not appear aging, also be more practical household type.

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