What are the classification of LED light strips

The classification of LED strips is mainly based on the following parameters:

1. Circuit board: FPC is a soft light bar and PCB is a hard light bar

2, voltage: 85-265V is high voltage, lower than 85V is low voltage: generally 5 12 24 36 48 and so on

3, lamp bead model: 3528 5050 3014 2835 5630 5730 7020 8520 4040 4014 3535 335 and so on

4, waterproof grade: bare plate is not waterproof drop glue or casing rain sleeve glue waterproof


5, color: monochrome - red yellow blue green pink purple is white warm white cold white natural white and so on color - colorful magic color running horse

6, the number of lamp beads: the number of lamp beads within one meter length -30 32 36 48 60 72 90 120 144 216, the current market is at most 700 meter lamp

Of course, there are also some other categories. For example, neon tube is a lamp strip wrapped in the tube of neon tube. You can find an LED strip lights manufacturer to buy it.‚Äč

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