Identification method of powder coating powder


Appearance recognition method: 1.​

Feel should feel silky smooth, loose, floating.

Feel rough, heavy hand, feel heavy.

Grasp a powder in the hand, the more smooth powder Peng loose, good quality, on the contrary, powder rough feels heavy, poor quality.

Not easy to spray, secondary powder, waste.


The larger the volume, the less filling material in the powder coating powder, the higher the cost.

The better the powder quality.

The smaller the volume, the higher the filling material of powder coating powder, the lower the cost.

The worse the powder quality.

The same carton, see that the powder of a large volume, is good powder, the volume of the home is small, is bad powder.

Not easy to spray, secondary powder, waste, spray area less, high cost.


Good storage time powder can be stored for a long time, powder levels and other effects unchanged.

Poor powder can not be stored for a long time, poor powder after 3 months of leveling and other effects become poor.

The shelf life of normal powder at room temperature is 12 months. The quality of products with low-end raw materials is unstable and easy to deteriorate.

Using poor raw materials to produce powder, spraying surface will accelerate the powder, aging after half a year.

Affect customer reputation.

In addition, powder is not easy to store, resulting in a large waste of powder to customers, more than the fee.​

Spraying area identification method: spraying area of normal powder resin content should be 55-65%, resin is about 20 yuan/KG, filling material is about 2 yuan.

Some bad powder factories use less than 45% resin content to improve the quality, increase the filling material to reduce the cost, reduce the spraying area.

Comparison method: two of the same powder spray the same product, see that a powder spray products more, that a spray products less, spray products less is bad, high cost.

For the use of manufacturers, spraying area is less, the use of cost is high.


According to the powder spraying 6 square per kilogram to calculate, each less spraying a square, equivalent to the manufacturer per kilogram powder to pay 3-6 yuan, it is recommended to use the manufacturer with genuine powder, carefully calculate their actual use cost.​

Spraying personnel operation identification method: powder rate, work efficiency good powder easy spraying, spraying 1-3 gun can cover the substrate, secondary recovery powder less, high efficiency.

Poor powder is not good powder, spray 3-5 gun can cover the substrate, secondary recovery powder, low efficiency.

The operator can determine how much powder falls by spraying the powder rate.

​the same time to produce less products, more secondary recovery powder, increase the burden of operators, low work efficiency.


Baking identification method: there is no smoke produced good powder in the baking process without a lot of smoke produced.

A bad powder has a lot of smoke during baking.

Good powder raw materials do not produce a lot of smoke, some manufacturers take the raw materials filled with good materials.

The amount of powder will increase, the square number can not be sprayed out, increasing the use cost, the same amount of powder to produce less products.


The finished product appearance and luster recognition method after baking: the powder product with good appearance after baking has a fine appearance, full, transparent and strong three-dimensional sense.

The appearance of poor powder products is dull, rigid, foggy surface, not permeable, three-dimensional sense is poor.

The poor appearance of the two boards will affect the reputation of customers and the appearance of products.

The powder with good gloss has good gloss and can maintain relative luster for a long time.

Poor powder glossiness is good when first baked. After a few months it will start to light.

The powder made of the material with poor gloss appearance detection can not maintain the long-term luster stability, the appearance of sagittal light, powder, paint, etc.


Adhesion and aging identification method: adhesion and aging of good powder adhesion, strong toughness, and can be maintained for several years without powder, aging.

Poor powder adhesion is poor, very brittle, spraying after 3 months to half a year began to age, powder.

Compare test adhesion and bending, and observe whether the product is aging and powder after a few months.

Poor adhesion and aging, the product is easy to age, powder, rust, shorten the service life of products, affect customer reputation.​

High temperature identification method: high temperature, adjust the temperature to 220-230 degrees, hold the powder for 10-15 minutes. temperature and weather resistance is good. After baking at high temperature, the color becomes smaller, the luster changes little.

Poor powder, temperature and weather resistance is poor. After high temperature baking discoloration is serious, luster becomes dumb.

This method is particularly effective in detecting light powder outdoors.

Poor powder, using poor resin, titanium dioxide, poor pigments and fillers, temperature and weather resistance.

Low cost, shoddy.


Environmental identification method: SGS environmental testing good powder materials are Dachang production, environmental protection is guaranteed.

Poor materials and recycling powder, there is no way to ensure long-term environmental protection does not exceed the standard.

Environmental SGS test environmental protection exceeded the standard for some export enterprises and caused greater economic losses.


Present condition analysis of the powder coating powder, powder coating powder processing consumables products, investment threshold is low, the market competition is intense, also caused the powder coating powder market chaos, cutting corners is serious, the pursuit of short-term interests, caused some authentic enterprises larger impact, coupled with the powder coating powder for powder material, bad identification, for some of the enterprises of powder the economic loss of.

The actual amount of the product is 3 tons. Through the material, the price is cheap, the powder dosage increased to 4-5 tons, but increased the cost of powder enterprises. Most powder enterprises only care about the price of powder, do not care about the actual use cost, to cause a large loss to the enterprise.

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