Practical bedroom night lighting scheme

The BEDROOM IS RELAXED COMFORTABLE ZONE, DESERVE TO GO UP DOWNY LAMPLIGHT ESPECIALLY, MORE SHOW WARMTH. In the night, we need a night light, for safety escort. Here's how to choose the right light fixture to meet four different needs.

First, the use of portable night light, let the children's night time more relaxed. Use interference-proof reading lights with dimmers so kids don't touch the bulbs with their little fingers.

Two, so that children can find you in the dark. Install a remote lighting stick under the bed and let the light guide the children to you (attach all the leads to the bed).

3, IF inspiration OFTEN APPEARS IN the night, might as WELL BE INSTALLED IN bedside table SHOOT a lamp. Motion sensors turn on spotlights to help you find pen and paper. Want to record your inspiration on your smartphone? Use a lamp with wireless charging so you can keep track.

4. You don't want to disturb your partner when you get up or go to bed. Just use a remote control and a smart light bulb to turn the lights on and off from a distance. Install WALL TYPE TO SHOOT THE LIGHT IN BED UPPER PART, CAN ADJUST ILLUME DIRECTION ACCORDING TO NEED.

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