Smart home after all real not practical

Now when it comes to smart home, a lot of people feel very familiar with it, but also some conservatives would feel smart home not practical, can feel smart home is very expensive, is a kind of lofty products, in fact as long as you through appropriate choice, or practical intelligent household products can be bought, they will bring the family life of people big changes.

To villa character, intelligent household has very big effect really. There will be a lot of household electrical equipment in the villa, and if each equipment has to be operated manually, it will certainly take a lot of time. Undeniably, at present can afford to live in the trenches of the villa will certainly have a nanny at home, but a lot of things can not be completely replaced by a nanny. Some time ago, the toxic nanny incident exposed by TV news media is a proof. If you have a smart home, you can understand the dynamics of your home in real time by taking the camera, which is very practical and convenient for ordinary office workers.

Does intelligent household have practical analysis effect after all how old?

Smart home is not to say that the control of mobile phone is smart, but through personal habits automatically set the life scene, so that life is more convenient. For example, when getting up in the morning, many people have the habit of lying in bed, the fundamental reason lies in the environment, the room is still dark, sleepy is difficult to eliminate. If you set the time, the curtains will open automatically and the sunlight will come in, which can quickly dispel drowsiness. So you can arbitrarily according to their own life to set up a variety of scenes, such as coming home from work to open the door will light up the light, to you ahead of time to burn good water, ahead of time to open air conditioning, water heater, etc.. The remote is missing. Just use your phone to control it.

Smart home can perform in the field of home security, existing various detectors, such as smoke, gas, water level, gate magnetism, the human body infrared, etc., have all kinds of emergency situations can be immediately inform you, and can be auto nip the hidden danger in the cradle, such as a gas leak, can automatically shut off the gas she family, When the rain falls into the house, the doors and Windows are automatically closed. When the thieves break into the house, the lights are automatically turned on to scare away the thieves. So intelligent home is a household security guard!

Smart home after all real not practical

Is intelligent household really not practical after all? As a smart home products to provide square, the answer is practical. This is not to boast, throughout the development of the intelligent household in recent years, development of smart home how everyone should see, intelligent lock this kind of intelligent products, for example, entry-level has its universality, smart door locks, in addition to providing security at the same time, a certain extent, improved the life convenience, says practical certainly must be practical. Of course, there is still a long way to go for smart home, but with the arrival of the 5G era, as well as the rapid development of Internet of things and other technologies, the development of smart home will be just around the corner, in the future, there will be more and more products with practical value.

Now furniture also began to intelligent, intelligent air conditioning, intelligent fan, intelligent water heater and so on. Your air conditioner will automatically turn on before you get home, your water heater will adjust the temperature today in conjunction with temperature, humidity, and weather conditions, and your fan will automatically turn off when you leave. Isn't that nice to think about?

Smart home system can meet the needs of different grades, different types, different styles of residential users, smart home control host software system can achieve online upgrade, control functions will continue to increase and improve. For example, the current smart home system in addition to intelligent lighting, intelligent security, video sharing, intelligent home control, remote monitoring functions, can also achieve the elderly and children protection, emergency telephone help, automatic irrigation feeding pet and other functions.

1. Smart home is very practical and flexible in system composition. In general, the intelligent home control system is composed of various subsystems through the network communication system. You can add or subtract subsystems as needed to meet your needs.

2. Convenient operation and management. All devices controlled by smart home can be operated through mobile phones, tablet computers, touch screens and other man-machine interfaces, which is very convenient.

3. Rich scene control functions. Various control modes can be set, such as leaving home mode, home mode, rain mode, birthday mode, banquet mode, energy saving mode, etc., which greatly meet the needs of life quality.

4. Information resource sharing. Home temperature, humidity and dryness can be published on the Internet to form a regional environmental monitoring point, providing effective and valuable information for environmental monitoring.

5. Convenient installation and debugging. Plug and play, especially wirelessly, allows rapid deployment of systems.

For the home of a variety of smart home we are no longer unfamiliar: fingerprint unlock, smart speakers, remote control of the pet feeding machine, sweeping robots, and mobile devices connected to the TV...... Has gradually permeated our lives.

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