Decoration diary: Find inspiration from other people's upstream and downstream design

​Upper and lower water is the problem that every family can encounter in decorating, alleged upper and lower water, it is namely "give drainage" common name, it is to point to the abbreviation of water supply system and drainage system. How to design the layout of upstream and downstream water? The answer here is not quite unified, want to be sure according to your building door model and living habits. In this case, take a look at how others have laid out their layouts for inspiration.

First, to determine the position of water and water pipe

As for incoming water pipes, many people (myself included) now install front-facing water purifiers. So the water inlet pipe and the position of the water outlet, the position of the installation front need to think well in advance, because the current water pipe decoration company is basically go to the top, so the water pipe will come down in the position of the front, and then go to the top after the front water purifier.

The direction of the water pipe, because the water pipe goes to the top, so the general place where the water pipe will do some ceiling to cover. At the same time, in order to avoid too much influence on the surface in case of accidental leakage, it is recommended to walk the water pipe in the inner side of the beam on the back.

Decoration diary: Find inspiration from other people's upstream and downstream designSecond, the position of water pipe opening and the determination of hot and cold water shall be determined according to the actual situation

Specifically, the location of the water pipe opening in my home:

1, enter the garden

Inside the fishpond seat: reserve cold water for filling the fishpond and cleaning the terrace.

Problem: Since this is the first water outlet, it relates to the front installation position, if the front installation is in the kitchen, then this is in the front end. Although not potable water, the valve after entry may be installed near the front. This will result in the need to switch the outdoor sluice if the faucet is faulty, which is not very convenient.

Water: due to the preparation of the terrace to do the fish pond, the water level to tell the need to limit, so to pre-bury a spillway pipe to water, keep the door near the floor drain.

2, the kitchen

Sink part: hot and cold water outlet, reserved garbage processor [pure water machine has not yet decided] position.

Boiler part: lower water distributor position; Water divider side, front water purifier and inlet valve.

Go into the water: originally the kitchen has a lower water pipe with a higher position only, but because the bag entered the original life balcony, there were 3 floor drains more so. And since the sink was next to the window, the original kitchen drainpipe was abandoned. The floor drain near the sink is transformed into the sink water pipe, the floor drain in the middle position of the original balcony is retained, and the floor drain outside the original air conditioning machine is abandoned.

3, advocate defend

Water pipe through the wall into the main bathroom, basin: hot and cold water; Toilet: cold water; Shower room: hot and cold water; Bath tub: hot and cold water.

Launching: the toilet does not move, but the launching position of the basin is far away from the basin and needs to be treated. The shower room in looking at present is the circular arc of 1 meter *1 meter, the floor drain that also caused toilet so is wrapped enter shower room, need shift. There is no floor drain in the location of the bath tub, which needs to be modified.

4, the guest is defended

Hot and cold water pipes run directly from the boiler section through the wall to the shower area.

Shower area: hot and cold water; Urinal, cold water outlet wall outlet; Toilet, cold water mouth; Dry area basin, hot and cold water mouth.

Launching: the guest defends basically does not need to change, the urinal that the main workload is increasing.

5, water pipe direction

After the hot and cold water pipes come out of the guest wei dry area through the corridor, the hot water pipe directly along the beam into the main bathroom with a cold water pipe. At the same time, the cold water pipe bifurcates here, another one passes through the living room beam to the balcony, and then reaches the cold water opening across the balcony wall leading to the washing machine and laundry pool.

6, the balcony

Washing machine: cold water mouth; Laundry pool: cold water opening.

Here encounter a problem that almost every family can encounter, whether the balcony receives hot water pipe. My understanding is that it is really convenient to have a hot water pipe and it is very comfortable to wash clothes in winter. My home is equipped with floor heating, but the balcony belongs to the laid scope, so the balcony in winter must be a relatively cold area, and the clothes in winter are mainly machine washing, if hand washing can choose the bathroom basin or shower room cleaning. In addition, the distance from the bifurcation point to the basin is estimated to be nearly 10 meters, and the water flow past until the temperature is estimated to be a lot of water. So judge utilization rate won't be too high.

Therefore, based on the above reasons, the balcony decided not to receive hot water pipe. If it's really inconvenient in the future, then install a kitchenbasket to solve the hot water pipe problem.

Enter water: at present only floor drain is in the northeast corner of this balcony, need has pool of washing machine, washing clothes, floor drain multiple function at the specified time, floor drain needs to transform.

Running account to this end, in fact, everyone is familiar with the situation in the home, can be designed!

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