A few methods of sitting room metope adornment

The key of sitting room adornment depends on metope, if let this treasure ground is empty in vain do nothing really have a little pity. Actually, want to try to design only in a way, hang a few artwork, whole metope can resemble besmear the beautiful eyebrow of eye shadow, lit up immediately. As to the choice of what kind of artwork, the number of hanging artwork, the optimal height of hanging, need a few basic skills already, also want to accord with the condition of the bedroom itself.

Introduce a few kinds of metope adornment method briefly here.

1. The combined

This is the adornment method of a kind of combinative type, form adornment effect by a group of pictures, adornment center is a master picture, can have outstanding center, primary and secondary visual effect so clearly. Around the sides of the deck, objects can be varied. Chinese porcelain is hung on both sides of this group of designs, and it is blue and white adornment entirely, such than hanging buy multicolored basin more showed elegant. Below is the modern pattern, these patterns did not take neat figure painting or landscape painting, this is right, otherwise with blue and white pattern neat hedge, combination is not strict. This group of decorations is a fusion of western and Chinese traditional styles. Showed host Chinese and western compatible open state of mind. Also show host not common at the same time, neither completely obsequious, also did not blindly thick ancient.

A few methods of sitting room metope adornment

2. Strewn at random

This is the method that one group will decorate metope with strewn at random type picture frame. The frame size relies on the principle of geometric design, highlighting the overall effect, and has the function of a single narrative. This method is more contemporary, colorific foil and harmonious formed the important part of adornment likewise. The visual center of the pattern falls on the portrait. The disadvantage of this combination is that the next two small paintings are not eye-catching, and they are not decorated with pictures with color stimulation and obvious pattern effect. In this combination, small paintings often only play the role of decorative foil. If the colors are dim, they are easy to be drowned visually.

3. The parallel type

The design that arranges means in parallel will have adornment effect, concise and clear, bright and clean. Of course arrangement means is changeable, already can parallel, also can erect hang, anyhow this kind of means contains classical symmetrical and neat meaning on composition of a picture. It should be noted that the content selection of this kind of painting is as relaxed and lively as possible, and the factors of freehand brushwork are more than that of meticulous brushwork, which will inadvertently play a certain subversive role in the orderly decoration.

4. Type shelf

Do a contemporary rich ancient wear is installed on metope, the adornment action of aggrandizement metope. The shape of bogu frame can be traditional, that is, multilateral and changeable; Or it can be modern, with uniform lines and no change (see chart). Of course, what works of art is the key. The center part wants to put heavy weight implements naturally, no matter be western style, still be eastern, this depends on what oneself have and decide. No matter whether they own artworks or not, do not place plastic and other non-handmade products in the center. The method that bogu wears finds a place for is very museum change, can rise to exhibit, the purpose that enjoy.

What time is it taboo

1, the wall of the living room is the focus of family decoration, avoid hanging calendar, hanging printed matter and do not know how many copies of the number of famous paintings.

2. It is better to decorate the theme wall with full, so as to play the effect of art museum. Of course someone does not want to hang too much artwork, so big metope hangs a, also can, but this artwork must go up grade, a little bit bigger, otherwise use whole metope to lift a lame painting, too excessive.

3, wall decoration hanging line as far as possible unified tone, otherwise the rope colorful, destroy the beauty of the art itself.

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