How do you insulate the top floor

If the top house is not well insulated, it is very uncomfortable for people living in the top floor, because it is the work of property management to insulate the house well, and the parties can also do it at their own expense. Then how to insulate the top house? On the top of the house how to do the heat insulation of the legal problem, let xiaobian for you to answer it in detail.

A, how to do the top house insulation

(a) indoor ceiling: the method of ceiling can be passed down from the top of the heat partition, when choosing the ceiling material can choose the heat insulation effect is better.

(two) the laying of insulation layer on the roof: generally laid insulation brick, direct sunlight on the insulation layer, the higher temperature can be guided by the air between the insulation layer and the roof, to prevent the roof ceiling temperature is too high.

How do you insulate the top floor

(three) on the roof of the insulation material: spread a layer of simple insulation material on the roof, is also the use of air insulation principle, generally use foam materials to act as insulation materials, such as foam cement board, foam cotton, etc..

(four) the installation of light absorption or reflective device: the sunlight irradiation to the roof of the conversion into electrical energy or reflected out.

Two, what are the roof insulation materials

(a) extruded polystyrene board (XPS board), this heat insulation material can withstand moisture, heat preservation performance is good, but the price is more expensive than other heat insulation materials.

(two) expanded polystyrene board (EPS board), the insulation performance of this material is better, the price is more affordable, but the strength will be worse.

(three) rock wool board material, this material has strong moisture absorption ability, and has strong fire resistance, but the insulation effect will be slightly worse.

(four) polyurethane foam material, this material has good water resistance, strength and heat preservation effect is also very good, but its price will be more expensive.

Three, top insulation matters needing attention

(1) Heat insulation materials

Top insulation is the most important insulation material, which is the key to lay a good insulation foundation. To achieve the effect of insulation, the surface can be used as a layer of insulation as a protective base.

(2) Interior details

Indoor details shading processing is also the key to the impact of heat insulation, the top residents can set some heat insulation materials in the middle when doing the ceiling, so as to improve the heat insulation effect to reduce indoor temperature. The best choice of thermal conductivity and thermal diffusion coefficient is relatively small heat insulation materials, of course, the order of these material layers also need to pay attention to.

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