How to improve the flatness of metal stamping parts

During the blanking process of the stamping part, due to the influence of several factors, the material of the stamping part will be curved and compressed. Due to the internal stress of the metal plate itself, the metal stamping parts will undergo elastic deformation in the blanking process. The material adjacent to the edge first appears as the sheet metal inside the edge curves downward and the sheet metal outside the edge bends upward. To make matters worse, this elastic bending cannot be completely recovered, resulting in poor flatness of the stamping. So how to enhance the flatness of Sheet Metal Bending stamping parts? Let's take a look.

537c86a017bf6fc2e825759ca00beec9Elastic bending occurs not only at the edge of the punching piece, but also around the punching hole. ‚ÄčThus, we should adopt other processes and configure other die structures.

If enough elastic pressure is applied to the upper and lower parts of the plate during the stamping process, the elastic bending of the plate will be considerably inhibited. ‚ÄčNormally, the elastic discharge plate is used for stamping die, but only for some stamping parts with low flatness requirements, because its function is minimal.

If some customers have requirements on the flatness of the stamping parts, we can use a die with elastic support block, in order to enhance the surface flatness of the stamping parts.

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